Polytunnel equipment

Polytunnel equipment

Greenhouse benches

Made to deal with the tasks of planting without having to bend down, get tired, they allow to work at the right height. Practical and easy to use for private or professional gardeners. They can be enhanced with accessories such as drip irrigation, thermal net to fight against the cold. Tutoring kit for the cultivation of climbing vegetables, wheels to facilitate the movement in the greenhouse. Choose a model adjustable in height and install it in the garden, in the greenhouse, on a terrace.

Heating systems

If the sunlight is not sufficient or if your plants are very fragile and demanding, heating can be the solution. As a backup solution, oil heating is used for “cold” greenhouses and small structures sporadically depending on weather conditions. Easy to install, it is fairly economical but requires your frequent intervention. Gas heating is reserved for larger areas. With more autonomy, prefer models that guarantee optimum safety. A thermostat allows you to keep a constant temperature. Practical and transportable,electric heating includes radiators with infrared lamps (for very small surfaces). For a tropical greenhouse, a more substantial investment is required with hot air generators, room thermostat. For a good greenhouse ventilation, hot air fans can be useful in winter and ventilate cooler air in summer.

Shade netting

Important protection to avoid overheating of the polytunnel and avoid burning, discoloration and drying of plants, it can also regulate insects. A shade net will reduce direct sun radiation by half. While cactuses are safe, other vegetables and plants will not be able to withstand heat waves without help. On sale in kit or linear meter, the nets are resistant and easy to put in place.

Watering systems

Sprinkling, misting or dripping, irrigation systems are numerous and allow to adapt to plant needs. It is important to remember that wet leaves usually become sick leaves and can burn with the sun during the day. All these systems make it possible to intelligently manage water flow and save this resource. As well as saving time if you have a large greenhouse. An automated system with a programmer will also allow you a prolonged absence (vacation).

Lighting systems

The relationship between lighting and growth has been clearly established. Growing lamps will provide the extra light needed to grow your plants in your greenhouse, when the weather is cloudy or at night. Not all plants have the same needs in terms of light intensity. Mostly used by professionals (flowers), this extra lighting is useful for amateur gardeners for seedlings. With horticultural lighting, plants grow earlier, are healthier and much less fragile during manipulation (repotting, tutoring, planting, etc.).

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