Modern polytunnels – garden and professional

Modern polytunnels - garden and professional

The image of cultivation under cover is constantly changing. Only a few years ago, seeing a polytunnel was a rare phenomenon. Now you just have to look around to see greenhouses on plots in gardens. These modern structures are used not only in hobby gardening, but also for commercial plant production. Both glass greenhouses and foil tunnels work with the same principles. Offering similar results, but when comparing the price of both structures, the foil tent is several times cheaper.

In the case of commercial cultivation, besides efficiency itself, the price remains important for the entrepreneur . And it is not just about the cost of the structure. For optimal results under cover, additional equipment will be needed to improve the entire growth process of plants. Even then, a well equipped professional foil tunnel is still cheaper. Glass greenhouse with similar dimensions and without support devices.

This time, in this Krosagro guide, we will tell you a bit more about professional modern foil tunnels.

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All these names are designations for one product. The type of construction and the materials used for the modern polytunnels frame vary depending on the manufacturer. The function is unchanged, i.e. plant production for local and international markets. As logistics and shipping are constantly evolving, transport time has been dramatically reduced. New ways to import plants from the farthest parts of the world are also being implemented. Most vegetables and fruits in large hypermarkets are not of domestic origin, but imported.

In order to be able to compete with plant producers from other countries where the climate is more favorable. It is necessary to adapt production to avail of favorable conditions for crops and longer seasons.

Modern gardening and agricultural constructions

Modern covers, well-thought-out frames, side vents and crop support systems. Contribute to improve the facility and optimize the conditions under which the crop will mature. The end result is usually ripe vegetables and fruits that reach higher prices on the market. Longer growing seasons means that the planned fore crop, main culture and after crop will follow each other smoothly. Not being limited by the weather and the atmospheric hazards means that harvest of plants will take place several times a year.

Cultivation under cover market

A lot of customers choose local products, spring vegetables and fruits, eco, bio, organic. This growing demand leads to a situation in which timing becomes important. In open field cultivation, the grower is dependent on weather conditions, and these can not be foreseen. Crops are also exposed to pathogens and pest and random factors. Foil does not solve all problems, but with effective care minimizes losses in yield. The appearance of diseases and pests, and most importantly optimizes their growth.

Investment in cultivation under cover

Krosagro, as a producer of polytunnels, has been introducing new products to the market for years. Which combine two important characteristics: economical solutions and long lasting equipment. For 21 years, Stal Impex, from which the Krosagro brand was founded, has run its business focusing on domestic production of each element instead of prefabricated import, as well as raw material supply of high quality and uncompromising policy.

The outcome is polytunnels that are reasonably priced and adequately reliable. Without increasing production costs by using high-quality materials, the brand launched both small and large steel structures. Hobby tunnels are one of the products permanently available, and in addition to them. The offer now includes garage tentsstorage tentsmini greenhouses, for both retail and wholesale dealers. Over the years, the company has developed clear principles of cooperation and B2B and B2C sales , facilitating the ordering, packing and shipping processes. As far as production of professional polytunnels, a lot of projects are individual turnkey greenhouses, designed to be fully adapted to the needs of the grower.

Microclimate for crop under cover

A professional foil tunnel is a closed area where farmers can set up the required micro-climate. This allows them to grow crops that would not normally thrive with traditional methods in the open. Thermophilic and long-maturing plants will have enough time to develop green mass , flowers, and a full fruit, properly colored.

The enclosed space in the foil tunnel means that the temperature is kept higher than outside the building. As a result, growth processes , which would be stopped with high temperature differences, can take place. Such fluctuations occur throughout the day and night, along with the change of seasons and weather phenomena. With a warmer soil heating up faster under cover, plants can be sowed earlier and cultivated for longer. If winter is mild and spring comes early, plants can be grown as early as March. Frost and short temperature fluctuations will not damage the crop, and in the case of persistent cold days, you can cover flower beds and plants with a mini foil tunnel. There are quite a few ways to heat a foil tunnel: from conventional methods to very futuristic solutions. Whatever you choose, thanks to the positive temperature inside, cultivation is possible all year round.

Resistance to atmospheric factors

Steel constructions, even the most solid, will start to corrode without any protective coating after a few seasons. The situation from month to month can only get worse, and with time, the frame can become unstable. Increased humidity under cover is normal. During production, temperature fluctuations and watering mean that humidity rate in the tunnel is higher. The water vapor condenses on the foil and frame. Corrosion does not occur if the customer has opted for a galvanized or hot-dip galvanized structure. Both grades protect steel against corrosion, extending the service life of the frame several times. Every few years, the frame requires a little maintenance, thanks to which their longevity is increased.

A galvanized polytunnel is a solid base but the foil is an equally important factor affecting the durability of the greenhouse as a whole. There are many good specialist greenhouse covers on the market. When your choice is made, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s references, compare prices and parameters.

Benefits of the garden tunnel

The foil tunnel is a universal solution for a business focused on plant production . As a tool for cultivation, it will improve many processes on the plantation, secure crops against weather phenomena and multiply harvests posibilities. The traditional form of agriculture is an echo of the past, and in order to adapt to the requirements of the market and consumers, it is necessary to improve production. Krosagro constructions are extensive and their function can change over time. Their purpose can be associated with many industries, not only with gardening and agriculture. They are also used as breeding tunnels, warehouse halls, as well as garage tents.

A multitude of advantages and a low price for a solid construction commend the installation of a professional polytunnel in your own business. You will not have to wait long reap the rewards .

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