Professional polytunnel for cultivation under cover

Professional polytunnel for cultivation under cover

A professional polytunnel is an obvious choice for farmers expecting better results on their plantation. The number of such installations is growing every year. Universal use, modular design, mobility for some models make them an optimal tool for farmers. Over the years, Krosagro, owned by Stal Impex, has been supplying modern polytunnels on the agricultural market. On this basis, we decided to develop best practices from our clients’ farms.

Professional greenhouse

When ordering, it is definitely worth spending a little more time on dimensions, location and construction of the polytunnel. The first structure should be located in order to be able to expand it in the future. Placing it too close to the plot’s boundary would limit subsequent modifications. Before assembly, drainage, seedbeds and storage should be planned , as well as all necessary water and electricity devices. A well-thought out layout for a modern greenhouses and supporting systems will reduce costs and also make work much more comfortable.

Crops under cover

Most manual duties can be optimized by installing support systems. These devices are usually equipped with sensors regulating conditions under cover. For example, you can provide the right amount of water for plants without worrying about them getting too little or too much. Similarly with ventilation. With large structures, there might be a problem with ventilation. It can be necessary to add fans creating an air flow. Appropriately set, they get turned off when the microclimate stabilizes. Automation, although initially expensive, brings considerable savings over time.

Choice of a polytunnel manufacturer

When deciding on a tunnel manufacturer, it is worth checking out his experience, reviews, and carefully look at the product specifications. The number of possible options is huge. By setting their priorities and needs, growers will receive a precise and suited offer. It is worth asking for the advice of other farmers, use expert knowledge and compare offers from several tunnel suppliers.

Construction of polytunnels

Potential solutions are numerous. The differences visible at first glance are : shape of the structure, type of entrance and cover. Domes can be of gothic, semi-circular shape, simple or reinforced, etc. The doors can be single or double, sliding or not. Foils are a comprehensive topic. You can noticed that they are divided into two main categories : universal and more specialized. A commercial polytunnel for cultivation under cover can be adapted to any crop, any season, and also fitted for a year-round production.

Greenhouse on request

We encourage plant growers to check the Krosagro offer. If the required structure is not part of the available range, we encourage you to contact customer office. The brand has extensive experience in creating unique structures for special purposes. Almost every industry will find a function for these modular structures.

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