Modular constructions for hotels

Modular constructions for hotels 1

Modular structures for hotels are another application of halls, tents and polytunnels. Tarpaulin-covered structures are universal, and easy to adapt. They can perform as a garage, warehouse, as well as cover for guests in any location and regardless of the season. They can be used as an all-year or seasonal shelter. It is worth noting that these constructions are mobile. If they are needed elsewhere, just dismantle them and relocate them.

Modular constructions for hotels

Properly adapted to commercial activities, they meet all the requirements of building regulations, fire safety, etc. The advantage of tents is that they can be easily modified as modular constructions. This represents a big advantage for a business owner. As soon as space is running out, more segments can be added, offering a larger area. This is a much smaller expenditure than the construction of a permanent building, the cost of which is much higher. A tent hall is synonymous with big saving for companies. This facility made of steel pipes and profiles will perform immediately after its installation.

Use of modular structures in the hotel industry

  • Arched tunnel as a protected path

The transparent cover over a walkway will protect customers from wind, rain and snow. From their arrival, as they enter the premises, customers will be looked after.

  • Tool storage

A lot of equipment is needed for the daily operations associated with a hotel or agro tourism farm. In order not to leave tools outside, they should be stored somewhere. Items safely kept under cover will not be exposed to damages caused by moisture and sun exposure.

  • Garage for machines

As with tools, machines also require protection. Although they are usually treated against corrosion, leaving them outside to deal with weather conditions will not improve their longevity. Garage tents, with their various dimensions, are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding entrepreneurs.

  • Event tents

Each event is a potential opportunity to gain customers. Special events have their own character, usually have a specific theme, and also offer the opportunity to get acquainted with activities that are not available on a daily basis. Properly selected event tents enable to generate more interest and attract a lot of people.

  • Workshop in a tent

The larger the hotel, the more vehicules, and it is difficult to imagine a business without them. Small and large tent halls can contribute to safe storage of cars. Several vehicles or even the entire fleet will fit in it, for a safe parking under cover. In a corner of the structure, you can even organize a workshop where you can carry out repairs and store spare parts.

  • Cover for the pool

Arched tunnels are gothic structures that are usually made to order. Although intended for warehouse or garage functions, they can be used, thanks to their versatility and among other things, to cover pools. The only limit is the customer’s imagination. The frame is made of steel pipes and profiles, galvanized at production stage. Such a layer protects parts from corrosion, usually resulting from permanent exposure of elements to moisture and water. Structures are thus able to maintain their strength for years.

  • Commercial tents

Mobility, quick and easy assembly are the perfect features for a commercial stand. In order to use their potential , you can adapt electrical installations for such facilities, as well as lighting.

  • Halls for horses

If horse riding is part of the offer, a hall could represent an equestrian facility. In the event of bad weather, customers will be able to enjoy their lesson. Extensive space in sports tent will allow you to maneuver freely with your animal, regardless of the season or conditions outside.

  • Professional polytunnel

A greenhouse next to a hotel means big savings on vegetables and herbs. This is also supported by the fact that customers are becoming more and more aware of what they eat. They carefully choose ingredients, opt for ecological solutions, and prefer organic food. They also require this behaviour from restaurants and hotels. To fulfill their expectations, it is worth considering an investment in a portable polytunnel.

Halls, tunnels and tents for hotels

Modular structures will surely find their application in the hotel industry. Existing customers praise this type of solution, systematically returning to their manufacturer when they need more space. The price of a tent hall is the main advantage associated with this type of structure.

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Modular constructions for hotels

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