Which size to choose for a garden greenhouse?

After having read the entire guide “Polytunnel from A to Z”, you can focus on the choice of a structure. Ordering a tunnel in the online shop is the next step. The intended function of the greenhouse will determine what you need to buy. You will have to invest in different constructions. Depending on whether you are only considering seedling protection or growing on a plot. The garden tunnel dimensions also vary: some will be suitable for one single person, and others for a large family.

Buying a polytunnel that proves too small is also a mistake. It may not be suitable for a particular type of crop. Even with optimal management of the available space. The use of culture coordination and modern methods, the structure may simply be too limited for your needs.

Before placing an order, it is necessary to take into account what will be grown inside the greenhouse, how much of it, what type of plants and how they develop on a given site. By operating this way with your garden or modern orchard under cover. You are guaranteed of a good investment and a structure adapted to your needs.

In this edition of the Krosagro guide about greenhouse cultivation, we will present tips for choosing a good garden tunnel.

Tunnel for plot or garden

Hobby greenhouses are small constructions designed for users who want to grow their own vegetables or fruits. They are generally used for growing tomatoes, peppers or other thermophilic plants, in order to obtain a regular supply of fresh aromatic herbs and spices, and sometimes red berries. Such structures, single (closed) or multi vegetation (with lateral ventilation) are usually between 5 m2 to 20 m2. There are also lighter economic constructions of 5 m2 to 18 m2. They are available on a permanent basis, although a delay could be expected in full season due to the high number of orders.

The semi-professional tunnels are constructions covering an area of 20 m2 up to 60 m2 and require more daily care. Some gardeners like to have a large area to grow and experiment. The vast majority of users, when purchasing such structures, use these for commercial purposes or as part of their activities. Over time, producers can extend their greenhouse with additional segments.

Krosagro Tunnels

Considering the wide range of greenhouses, every gardener should find a suitable solution. For the most demanding ones still looking for the right construction, we also manufacture greenhouses on request. We are able to create a garden structure adapted to the needs of each client, including seasonal tunnels for the cultivation of strawberries, tomatoes, vines, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

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