Polytunnel with insect net

Polytunnel with insect net 1

A polytunnel with an insect net is usually a structure with side ventilation. The openings placed on both sides are rolled up to allow air circulation under cover. To limit access of pests inside, greenhouses are equipped with a net. There is no need to use pesticides, or only small, marginal amounts. However, one should take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of such a net.

Polytunnel featuring insect net with side vents

The disadvantage of the mesh is that it limits the air flow necessary for proper growth of plants. During hot days, when the temperature rises, ventilating the greenhouse is required. In order to achieve that process, the foil curtains, placed on both sides of the greenhouse, are lifted. Sometimes, on professional polytunnels, such modules can be fitted on the back and front wall above the doors. This creates cross-ventilation in which the flow is more optimal.

Types of insect screens for crops under cover

Some of the available products are adapted to protect against a given group of insects. With hobby tunnels, there is a standard type of cover supplied to prevent the most harmful insects. More variants are available for commercial plant production. Being aware of the species and which insect can feed on them, any grower is able to prepare the right tools. There are many ways to support the mesh effect. They may involve using pesticides, installing electric repellents, planting varieties that are unpleasant to insects, etc.

What are insect nets made of ?

Cheap nets are made of polyethylene. This is the same material that is used for domestic mosquito nets. A better monofilament, with a rigid and solid material that easily resists even strong gusts of wind is used to produce higher quality screens. There are also nylon and acrylic products. Even though they are less durable, the air flow is improved.

Polytunnels with lateral ventilation and insect net

Is it worth investing in a polytunnel with an insect net? There is no such necessity, but many sensible arguments would support this system. A greenhouse is an effective tool enabling growers to create a favorable microclimate. At different stages of growth, plants are exposed to attacks by pests. It is impossible to omit ventilation, as well as situations where pest can enter the tunnel. However, you can reduce the chance of their appearance under cover. There are more arguments in their favor, defects can be corrected with additional accessories required when growing in larger tunnels.

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