Forecrop in foil tunnel

Forecrop in foil tunnel

Greenhouses allow you to grow vegetables early in the spring. Radish, onion, chives and cucumbers are just a few of the forecrops that can be planted before the main crops. Long-lasting cold, frost, temperature fluctuations – 2017 harshly treated open field farmers. Whereas the first harvests are available in the polytunnels already.

Tightly sealed structures protect vegetables against low temperatures, and suitable transparent plastic film filter the optimum amount of light needed for plant growth. Soil care is an important factor for crop quality. It provides nutrients and minerals, favours growth and greatly influences the viability of the culture. When planning to grow plants in one place for several years, crop rotation is beneficial for harvests.

Green Fertilizers as support for main yield

Cultivation under cover allows the cultivation of several species at different times. Suitable forecrops and other plants, also called green fertilizers, enrich the soil with minerals, taking them from the lower layers. They improve the phytosanitary condition of the soil, slowing down the growth of mold, fungi, larvae and pests.

We select green fertilizer like forecrops to suit it to the following crops. Forecrop plants are adapted to fast-germinating species and those providing large amounts of green mass. A good choice is the pea, or bean familythat binds nitrogen from the air, delivering it to the ground. Symbiosis with the beneficial Rhizobium bacteria later supplies valuable microelements to plants. After digging them, it accelerates development of humus at a later stage, improving the ability to accumulate water through the soil.

They also improve the substrate, while directing the nutrients to the higher parts of the soil, therefore allowing the plants with a shallow root system to draw on these resources. They also protect against the leaching of nutrients and improve biological activity, affecting the structure of the substrate.

In selecting green fertilizer for plants we can:

  • Enrich the soil with nutrients
  • Strengthen phytosanitary conditions
  • plan sowing date and next digging.

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