In A Commercial Greenhouse, Which Side Is Best For Growing Tomatoes?

In A Commercial Greenhouse, Which Side Is Best For Growing Tomatoes? - greenhouse manufacturer - Krosagro

In a commercial greenhouse, which side is best for growing tomatoes? Well, tomatoes love to bathe in full sunlight and have good airflow. Choose the side of your commercial greenhouse where there is a huge exposure to sunlight.

As for airflow or ventilation, it is recommended to slightly elevate the location of where you will plant your tomatoes. Never attempt to plant your tomatoes on soil with infestations from pests or weeds. This will impact the growth of your tomatoes.

Well, there are are more things that you should learn. Just read on!


Side Best For Growing Tomatoes

Are you wondering which side is best for growing tomatoes in a commercial greenhouse? Don’t be. We’ll find out more after you read this section. Also, let’s understand what is best for your tomatoes.


#1 Set up the greenhouse

Make sure that the soil is well-treated with pesticides and have the weeds pulled out before you try to plant your tomatoes. Have a clean water supply at the ready for your tomatoes.

You can set up an irrigation system so you won’t have trouble in watering the plants. There are a couple of requirements that you need to adhere to if you do decide to install an irrigation system.

The most common greenhouse structure is the quonset-type greenhouse. This greenhouse uses galvanized pipes as its primary foundation. The walls made of double-layer polyethylene is the usual material to be used as well.


#2 Invest in proper ventilation and heater

Tomatoes need good air ventilation to help them grow. We recommend you to build sidewalls to let more air move around the place.  Sidewalls help the side roll down windows to increase the ventilation.

As stated above, tomatoes love sunlight, which means they do not grow well in cold conditions. The greenhouse must have heating capabilities to keep the structure and the plants warm, especially during the colder seasons.

Remember the two seasons wherein your tomatoes can grow splendidly. You can start to transplant your tomatoes in the greenhouse in late February or early March during the springtime. For this to work, the seeding process has to finish by the last week of December or early January.

Proper ventilation for the tomatoes helps in drying its foliage. This process will reduce diseases from attacking your plants, and it enhances the pollen shed since the humidity inside the greenhouse is lower. With more pollen shed, the tomatoes yield more as well.


#3 Consider temperature and lighting

The second season that is the best time to grow your tomatoes is during the Fall. There is a research from the University of Tennessee that proves Fall tomatoes can grow just as good as those grown in Spring. But, you must make sure that by August 15, the tomatoes have been transplanted inside the greenhouse already.

Inside the greenhouse, high temperature and intense light is a must. The greenhouse has to maintain good airflow, and since it’s still Fall, heating requirements are low. With these in check, your tomatoes can yield high numbers of fruit.

Tomatoes being grown inside a greenhouse demands more care compared to other common crops. The construction of your greenhouse must be over a land plot. For stalking and fertilization, the process is the same as how you treat field tomatoes.


#4 Provide nutrients for better growth

Always remember that tomatoes need sufficient nutrients for it to grow healthy. You must feed it with fertilizer until the tomatoes establish in their environment. The best fertilizer for these kinds of plants is the high potash fertilizer that fosters flowering and further fruit development.


#5 Know what kind of tomatoes to grow

Other than knowing which side should you plant your tomatoes, we will give you added knowledge on what kind of tomatoes grow best in a greenhouse. Not all tomatoes grow the same way. Some grow better outside rather than inside a greenhouse.

One kind of tomato that grows well inside a greenhouse is the Sungold tomato. You can harvest these during the summertime, where it ripens up to a golden orange color. They are under the cherry tomato category and is known to be the more robust kind of cherry tomato.

The Ailsa Craig is also another good variety of tomato, perfect to be planted inside a commercial greenhouse. This tomato has open pollination qualities and is one of the cheapest kinds of tomato available in the market. This one is special for its perfect blend of acidity and sweetness.

The last one on our list is the Black Opal tomato. The Black Opal got its name because this tomato does resemble a dark-colored opal, but when grilled or cooked, it turns into a vibrant red color.


#6 In case you decide to grow one in winter

You might be wondering if it is possible to grow tomatoes during the winter. As we have suggested above, Spring and Fall are the best time for your tomatoes to grow. But, it is not impossible to grow them during the winter. It will just be more costly than usual.

The number one cost you will incur is the lighting and heating supply your tomatoes need for them to grow just as well when it’s during warmer seasons. If you want your tomatoes to grow sufficiently even in the cold winter weather, then you must be prepared for these additional costs.


It’s A Wrap!

In a commercial greenhouse, which side is best for growing tomatoes? Given all the information provided above, you now know the answer.

The best side for your tomatoes to grow is the side where all its needs can be easily catered. A side where there are enough sunlight and the ventilation is adequate for the tomatoes to grow well. As a gardener, you must be knowledgeable about the needs of your plants.

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