Mini polytunnel

Mini polytunnel

Designed by Krosagro, these mini polytunnels are structures providing adequate and safe conditions for plant development at every stage of growth. The cover protects vegetables and fruits from weather factors, also reducing the chance of deterioration by disease and pests that would affect production. Thanks to this small tunnels, growers can start production in March, instead of waiting until the end of May.

Protecting plants during frost

Frost, low temperatures and cool winds are the most common reasons for lower yields. Affected by such phenomena, cultivated plants can not only fade but also die. This is the worst scenario, but it happens very often. Outdoor cultivation is characterized by a lack of control on what the plants can expect. However, with cultivation under cover, the grower sets the conditions within the horticultural facility. A foil, tightly sealed to the structure, allows heat to be stored and reduces the influence of bad weather. Plants then begin to grow as a result of positive air and soil temperature.

Construction of a small polytunnel

The light and robust steel polytunnel construction has been hot-dip galvanized during production, therefore showing high resistance to corrosion. Thanks to a zinc coating, contact with water or steam does not corrode the frame. Consequently, in winter, you can leave the structure outside. When the next season approaches, it becomes fully functional again once you apply the foil cover.

Frame of the mini polytunnel

The steel construction is made of pipes with dimensions of 18 x 1 mm, 18 x 0.8 mm and 14 x 0.8 mm, depending on the model chosen. The standard tunnels designed by Krosagro range from 0.5 to 0.8 m in height, 0.8 m in width and 2.5 to 10 m in length. We offer two types of tunnels : ground based or to be anchored.

Modular steel construction

Modular steel construction is a technology developed by Krosagro, allowing modification of the frame. The gardener can decide how tall and long the construction will be. Two identical polytunnels are fully compatible. So you can arrange them in line to cover long beds, such as strawberries or wild strawberries. As well as fruit bushes (raspberry, gooseberry), small trees or vines. For bushes and trees, height is more relevant and additional elements can be purchased from Krosagro. Enabling you to raise the frame and adjust it to the required height of the plant.

What is a small garden tunnel used for?

Small constructions can be used as additional protection against frost and pests. Some gardeners and growers also set them up in larger polytunnels to start production even earlier. As spring shows signs of a return. Soil after winter warms up slowly, but at night it gets cold again. Small foil tunnels warm up in the sun during the day, and the benefits are felt much longer inside than for open field crops. The larger polytunnel also captures heat, so the favorable microclimate is established for much longer. This way, the substrate reaches a warmer temperature and fluctuations are not as sudden as for outdoor plantations.

These foil tunnels are ideal to grow strawberries, wild strawberries, blueberries and seedlings of any newly developing plants.

Mini mobile garden tents

One of the many advantages of a Krosagro’s construction is that it can easily be moved. Just carefully dig out the foil, pick the tunnel up and place it where you wish. You do not need to dismantle it, but if necessary, the whole operation is quick. Thanks to the light construction, the weight is about 2-5 kg, while the heaviest tunnel reaches 21 kg. Mini plastic tunnels are an alternative to much more expensive and more fragile glass structures.

Foil cover for mini cultivation tunnel

The offer is based on UV 2 film – a robust and certified COEX-3 cover that transmits nearly 95% of the sun’s rays. Following the development of plants, temperature and humidity can be adapted under cover. From March to the end of June, the foil is used. In warmer months, when the sun is really hot, the artificial cover is removed and an insect and bird net can be installed. This ensures limited access inside for pests that could feed on crops.

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