Tents for sporting events

Tents for sporting events

Tent halls for sport

Tents for sporting events are universal constructions that can be adapted for many different functions. They can become tennis courts, seasonal ice rinks, full-size sports fields, summer swimming pools, as well as horse riding facilities. There are plenty of possible hall construction options and applications. This explains why tent halls are more and more often used by companies, not only as industrial and warehouse spaces but also as sports facilities. And no wonder such designs with many advantages are so attractive for investors.

Galvanized steel structure

Each tent is made of steel pipes and profiles. During production, frame elements are hot-dip galvanized. The applied zinc layer protects steel against corrosion. Metal structures can get affected by weather, humidity, change of seasons, cold and heat. This protective treatment contributes to its longevity, and proper maintenance means that there will be no aging effect. A tent made for sporting activities must be safe and comfortable, for both investor and users.

Modular tent hall

Tent halls for sport are modular constructions made of pipes and profiles. This means that buyers can freely modify them at any time. Over time, owners might need more space as the number of visitors increases. Purchasing a new structure represents a considerable cost, but there is also the option to expand the existing tent. The frame consists of ready-made segments, which form a solid structure, resistant to strong wind, rain, snow load, etc. A simple assembly process means that there is no need to hire a qualified team to carry out the entire task. This saves a significant sum of money. The assembly of a tent hall can be done on your own, following the instructions. During construction, in case of doubt, the design office remains in contact with the customer, coordinating the various stages of assembly by telephone.

Tent hall frame

Sports facilities require special construction solutions, appropriate height and optimal space. The shape and size of a structure will depend on the type of sporting activity planned. Even before placing an order for a sport tent hall, it is worth considering additional devices. One has to take into account when ordering whether the structure will be equipped with fans, heating, sprinkler, electrical installation, etc. in order to design the best project.

Optimal space

Krostrade shop is constantly cooperating with Krosagro, which manufactures garage tents, polytunnels, as well as tent halls. The available production capacities allow to manufacture small structures for plots and domestic gardens. Large facilities for companies and any investment projects are made to order. In case there is no suitable solution on the website, we encourage you to contact customer service.

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