Tent hall as a workshop

Storage tent application

A tent hall as a workshop represents an ideal solution for investors in many respects. Such constructions are modular structures that can be modified. They can get fully adapted to one’s needs. Simple and quick assembly is an important feature. A qualified team is not required, which significantly reduces costs. The wide range of tent halls allows you to choose among many options and opt for the one best suited to the contractor’s requirements.

If necessary, the hall can be folded, transported to another location and re installed. Businesses, frequently relocating their activities, will get the most out of these solutions. Time is essential in every business. New buildings require an awful amount of documents, contractors, suppliers, and at the end, delays often occur during construction. Constructions made of steel pipes and profiles are fully ready for assembly as soon as they are delivered.

A location for a workshop hall

Before the assembly of a hall, prepare the site. The area under the tent should ideally isolate moisture from the ground to reduce its level inside the tent. Users will probably equip the structure with an electrical installation, as well as lighting. In that case, take into consideration where the repair zone will be, where tools will be stored, how the machines will be operated, etc. Planning all duties in both small and large tent halls at the very beginning facilitates work and services carried out under cover.

Types of workshop constructions

In relation with workshops, there are four main types of buildings : steel, wood, brick or block , as well as modular structures made of pipes and profiles. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages:

• Permanent steel halls are durable and modifiable objects, but their disadvantage is their huge cost. A qualified assembly team is an additional expense, which is not negligible.

• Wooden halls are prone to damages, they also diffuse intense fragrances. Constructions must be systematically maintained, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate. They are flammable, which automatically prevents them from being considered for certain types of activities.

• Brick halls are durable, no discussion. However, it is a permanent building that will forever be associated with the same place. Modifications are expensive, and the construction of such an object involves many formalities.

• The last type is a modular hall made of pipes and profiles, including tent halls. Easy to modify, easy to assemble and disassemble. Compared to other constructions, their cost is not so high. For a similar amount of money, you can avail of premises fully equipped with additional devices. Everyone is able to build such a structure, no engineering experience is required. Just follow the clear instructions. The main drawback is that once every few years, the tarpaulin should be replaced to maintain the efficiency of the cover. However, this is not comparable in any way with the cost of a new roof.

Tent hall on request

At any moment, arched halls can be transformed into warehouses or garages. Nothing prevents you from combining both functions. And when the object is no longer needed, you can fold it and store it until it is needed again. Steel elements treated with a layer of zinc, applied by hot dip galvanization, are protected against corrosion. This extends their service life for many years. The segmented building system of the frame contributes to a solid structure. It is able to resist even harsh weather conditions, safely protecting vehicles, machines and equipment under cover.

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