Urban cultivation in a polytunnel

Urban cultivation in a polytunnel

Urban cultivation in a polytunnel is not new in itself. In the past, small gardens were an integral part of cities and fruits and vegetables were efficiently grown. These gardens then disappeared, being relocated outside urbanized areas. The reason behind this phenomenon might be the desire to separate rural from urban areas. Fortunately, sites incorporating vegetables and fruits have recently reappeared in gardens.

Urban cultivation in a polytunnel

Urban gardening is a trendy solution from the west. This set up can be spotted in many locations, but the most dynamic development is located in the United States. The main idea is to combine gardening and agriculture in an urban space. There are three designations to define it:

  •       City gardening – mentioned above, focusing on harvesting of plants intended for domestic consumption
  •       Urban agriculture – Selection of commercial crops to be sold in urban areas
  •       Community garden – this ”social” garden is a common space in which the local community meets and exchange around gardening and plant care

Plant production in the city

More and more people are aware of industrial production processes. They now pay attention to who, where, and with which methods the goods are produced. Increasingly, customers are abandoning imported vegetables and fruits and turn to those coming from neighboring farms. That way, the buyer is provided with healthy food from local sources. Transportation time is reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing the freshness of products.

Organic vegetables and fruits from the garden

Urban gardening is a good way to educate those involved in food production. Not so long ago, growing plants on every available plot was something common. It was necessary at a time when many products were missing in stores. Today everything is different. All fruits and vegetables are available. Growth hormones are present in many products, harmless in theory. Despite this, many try to give up discount store goods, turning to greenhouses, gardening friends, and organic food stores. Unfortunately, products of this type are rarely cheap. To avoid overpaying and to secure a supply of healthy food, you should consider growing under cover in your own garden. This hobby will teach you patience, respect for food, encourage a change in eating habits and also help to promote outdoor activities.

Urban cultivation

The tunnel is a good support for urban gardening. Thanks to the cover on the galvanized steel frame, a favorable microclimate inside is created. The heat stored inside during the day maintains a positive temperature at night, so that air and soil remain productive. As a result, plants can focus on green mass development rather than protection from the cold. It is important to note that thanks to plastic foil, planting can be implemented much earlier than in open field cultivation. This is because greenhouse crops are not subject to frost and the temperature fluctuations will not be harmful. In a garden tunnel, it is advisable to plant delicate plants, varieties with longer maturing cycles. By protecting them from rain, hail, cold and frost, the grower is guaranteed a quality crop.

Urban space for growing plants

Even in the smallest space, plants can be grown. With limited space, choose dwarf varieties and grow them vertically as well. Special tables or garden crates prepared by a gardener can help. By investing in a steel greenhouse, you can use the frame to hang pots. It is also worth using the space around the greenhouse. If the garden has a fence, it could be wise to suspend pots onto the fence. However, if you do not have a plot, a balcony can be filled with all kinds of plants.

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