Humidity and cultivation under cover

Humidity and cultivation under cover

Moisture is an important parameter associated with cultivation under cover. Maintaining proper conditions inside the foil means that crops can mature with optimal conditions, leading to a full harvest later. Dynamic processes take place inside the foil tunnel . The experience gained when cultivating should lead to better results over time. In this article, we will talk about how to create favorable growing conditions, and how to normalize high moisture levels.

Humidity and cultivation in a polytunnel

With high temperature fluctuations during seasonal changes and between day and night, maintaining the right level of humidity can be a challenge. However, Krosagro polytunnel manufacturer equips greenhouses with additional accessories enabling climate control.

Summer in a greenhouse

With constant high temperatures, watering plants becomes a daily routine. Unfortunately, many gardeners do not perform it properly, and sometimes this lack of knowledge can damage plants. High temperature in the foil tunnel causes plants to lose the water they stored in the stems and leaves to remain cool. This water starts then to evaporate, increasing humidity level in the air. Moisture itself is not really bad, as it prevents crops from overheating. But maintaining this condition for too long leads to the development of mold and fungi. This, in the long run can result in diseases. Nevertheless, do not exaggerate and limit water supply, as this would contribute to crops getting too dry. A device that will give the exact value and precisely measure the amount of water needed will facilitate the task of growers. Such a watering system that helps shape the microclimate can be a great help.

Raising and lowering moisture levels in a polytunnel

One of the ways to control moisture level under cover is a side ventilation system. In hobby foil tunnels, as well as professional greenhouses, these are used to create an air flow. The openings allow air to circulate through the entire length of the structure, exchanging hot air for a cooler one. This process helps the plants by removing the moisture stored under the foil. Side ventilation is a standard equipment for multi-vegetation tunnels. In case of really hot summer, when ventilation is not enough, a shading net may play its part. Such material will absorbe some of the heat and limiting light access to crops, partially or fully.

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