Sowing seeds in a polytunnel

Sowing seeds in a polytunnel

Sowing seeds in a polytunnel is a basic process for cultivation under cover. For experienced gardeners, the topic is not new. But for people who are just starting growing in a greenhouse, this will represent a series of tips on what to pay attention to. Although there is a second option in which vegetables are grown from young plants, the concept of starting cultivation from scratch is tempting. If caring duties are properly implemented at the very beginning, this will guarantee any gardener good harvests at a later stage.

Sowind seeds in a polytunnel

Having the right tools for sowing is an essential step for further success. You should also take into account the requirements of plants when deciding on a particular cultivation method, soil, accessories or flower pots. For example, carrots grow well when they are left in the same place where they are to mature. That is because they do not tolerate any replanting. Species that need warmer growing conditions are better suited to a cold frame. This will allow them to develop optimally, even when conditions are unfavorable in the open. Following harvest, remember to disinfect the containers, getting rid of pathogens. Gardeners will therefore reduce the likelihood of disease.

Cultivation under cover from seeds

To start cultivating in a hobby polytunnel directly in the soil, it is necessary to keep the substrate temperature constantly above 7 ° C. For some species, the temperature must be even higher. These demanding plants can benefit from a mini foil tunnel, associated with a full-sized greenhouse. The combination of both structures improves soil conditions and enables the creation of a favorable micro climate. In order to grow several different varieties with different soil conditions, you can use garden boxes in a polytunnel. Remember cyclic feeding of soil and plants to provide the appropriate macro and micro elements necessary for growth.

Feeding plants in a greenhouse

Fertilizing plants in a polytunnel is to be repeated several times during the season. Operate usually with high doses before sowing, and less intensive straight after it. The amount, as well as the type of fertilizer should be adapted to the crop. Before deciding on a particular product, it is recommended to read the label and the step by step process. When using natural compost, proceed with moderation, and keep it at an appropriate distance from the seedling. When taking care of plants, do not forget systematic watering. The amount of water will depend on the soil type and structure, as well as vegetables grown.

Spacing of crops in a greenhouse

Seed sowing in a polytunnel should include space planning. Plants need adequate space to grow in the lower level (soil), as well as above the ground. When compactly planted, they compete for light and nutrients, resulting in a slower development. You can read about the required intervals in the documents available in books and blogs. We also encourage you to regularly visit the Krosagro website and follow it on social media.

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