Prefabricated tent halls

Modular structure for businesses

Prefabricated tent halls are very popular for industrial, agriculture and production activities. It is a cheap alternative for entrepreneurs who value time, money and modern solutions. When deciding on a modular structure made of pipes and profiles, it is worth knowing about the technicality and building method for such a structure.

Prefabricated tent halls for businesses

Tent halls made of pipes and profiles are durable, year-round structures. Thanks to their modular construction, the assembly process takes little time and does not require large financial expenses. After receiving the kit of components, you can proceed to installation. Just prepare the ground beforehand, leveling, and – optionally – stabilising it with blocks, concrete, etc. To complete the whole process, you do not need to hire a qualified assembly team. The technical drawing supplied with the tent hall is easy to understand. Assemble the numbered elements step by step, and the tent will soon be ready. A bit of help will be a big boost, especially when mounting arches.

Universal tent halls

Constructions are designed in order to perform for both storage and garage as well as production. Multi functionality means that structures can be used as garages for machines, car showrooms, vehicle inspection facility, etc. The same construction can also be used for bulk and building materials, as well as a tool room. A tent also turns out to be efficient as a sport hall. It can cover a horse riding school, a tennis court, a basketball court, etc. Their popularity is also linked to their price. For a fragment of the costs associated with the construction of a brick building, one can purchase a fully equipped large tent, supplied with additional accessories.

Modular warehouse structures

The above mentioned modularity of tent halls offers many benefits to businesses. Over time, when a lack of space in the existing structure becomes obvious, an extension can be implemented. The structure consists of segments made from connected steel pipes and profiles. By combining them, a large-size structure is obtained.

Design of a tent hall

Manufacturers should provide drawings for every project. This is a necessary document when applying for a building permit. If any uncertainties arise at assembly stage, Krosagro customer service remains available for a suitable solution over the phone. As tents are made to order, they are fully adapted to the client’s needs and industry in which they operate.

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