Large tent halls for companies

Steel structures for business

Large tent halls for companies are spacious structures, with a single or multi span design. Modular tents are increasingly replacing conventional constructions, thanks to their attractive price, simple assembly process and extension possibilities. With their universal features, they can be used for business, production, trade fair or as warehouse and garage.

Large tent halls for storage and garage

Structures of this type are made of steel pipes and profiles, forming a compact construction once assembled. These are usually covered with a tarpaulin to protect the goods stored inside against rain. A tent hall is a much cheaper solution than a brick building. Conventional constructions are associated with building permission, purchase of materials, employment of a workforce. All of these generates costs that are nonexistent in the case of portable tents. After receiving the kit of elements, the structure can be assembled. As the process is very simple, it does not require any qualified staff to install it. Just a helping hand from a few people, and in a short time, the facility will be ready.

Construction of tent halls

The modular structure of halls makes them easy to expand. After purchasing the appropriate parts, entrepreneurs can extend the structure with additional segments. Pipes and profiles are treated with hot-dip galvanization at production stage, protecting steel against corrosion. Humidity that could affect the frame does not harm the elements, and proper maintenance will guarantee that constructions remain operational for many years.

Possible use of modular tents

  •  business – one of the popular functions of tent halls is to use them commercially. Within the structure, services are provided, as well as retail and wholesale activities. It works pretty much like large stores, except that it is usually a seasonal solution. You can often come across them during concerts and festivals.
  •  trade fair – they can be turned into a construction used in all kinds of fairs, where companies display their offer on stands.
  •  agriculture – for machine and harvest storage .
  •  breeding – space for animal keeping, as well as breeding cattle, pigs or poultry. The interior of the structure can be adapted to animals’ needs.
  •  car showroom – a covered space protecting vehicles from the weather, easy to arrange and organize as a sales area.
  •  workshop – a site intended for repair, as well as maintenance of equipment in constant use. It can also serve as a garage for machines and vehicles.

Tent halls on request

Modular steel constructions are made on order. Each structure is therefore optimally suited to business requirements. To decide on a structure, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail or telephone. During the conversation, entrepreneurs will be able to exchange with customer service department to create a turnkey tent hall project.

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