Halls for agriculture

Tunnels for animal breeding

For years, Krosagro has created structures for crops under cover and therefore fully understands how important space is. It is not always about size of the structure, but the optimum use of space for work , storage and cultivation. That is why Krosagro offers storage halls that will prove to be the perfect complement to agriculture polytunnels.

In the farming sector, every square meter is gold. Harvested crops, machinery, animal feedfertilizers occupy the area and require appropriate storage conditions. Leaving them uncovered exposes equipment and materials to damage or deterioration. When yard and even brick buildings are insufficient, then it is time to reflect on possibilities to expand storage space.

Fast, efficient and optimal

Tents or halls are as sturdy as masonry barns or steel warehouses. The difference is that fixed structures are several times more expensive, and their implementation takes much longer. They also imply a number of formalities. Which must necessarily be granted. Construction time depends on many factors. Professional agricultural halls are much quicker and cheaper to assemble. Once completed , the facility is sent to the customer. Who chooses only the location, and within a short time, the installation is ready to use.

Modern and effective warehouse solutions

Farms must constantly be modernized and follow industry’s trends. Investing in equipment, increasing plant production, delivery of goods are operations causing many problems with storage space. For all segments of the farm to function efficiently. It is important to avail of a surface under which agricultural crops, machinery, tools and many other useful goods will be covered.

Agricultural products are prone to mold and fungus. Without proper ventilation, yield may be wasted and this represents a heavy financial loss. Without adequate protection against pests, plants and vegetables. Get eaten by rodents, snails and wild animals, who turn the farm into a canteen. Harvesters, tractors, sprayers and all accessories, even well looked after. Will suffer fewer faults and will last longer if they are parked. The agricultural sector, in essence, is dependent on the size of its facilities. The bigger the site, the bigger the farming land, and the bigger the farming land, the greater the income from production. That is why storage area is such an important element of the whole unit.

Tunnels for animal breeding

Storage halls are so versatile that they can be adapted at any time by making minimal modifications. One of the applications of tents is livestock farming under the structure. With Krosagro breeding tunnels, cattle , poultry, pigs can benefit from favorable conditions created under the cover. To go further, growers can improve the facility with lighting, heating, ventilation system, adjusting the shape of the roof and the interior to customize the space.

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