Why should you grow in a garden?

Why should you grow in a garden?

„It requires too much work”, „I will not have time”, „it’s too difficult for me” – these are just three excuse, often used, delaying cultivation on your own plot or in the garden. Seemingly important justifications, but do they constitute such an obstacle? If you are interested in gardening and see yourself nursing your garden – it is worth the effort so try it!

Polytunnel – how to start?

It is said that beginning is difficult. But the belief that growing is „too hard and that we should rather not even start” is far from true. You do not have to immediately buy a large-sized foil tunnel to grow rare and very demanding plants. You do not need several hectares of land, because organic gardening does not require much space. It is therefore possible to adapt the planned crop to your needs and means. A small foil tunnel is enough to get you started, and over time. When you see the effects of your work, you will definitely find it too small. But the habits you will catch while working under cover will remain. And once you get the rhythm: if you grow good tomatoes, why not try kale or peppers?

First: health

True, nothing comes easy and gardening will also require some effort. But how much time do you spend on website browsingor doctor visits. Also contributing to an unhealthy and less active lifestyle? After all, you will soon appreciate the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. You will spend more time outdoors, taking care of your health as well as your fresh and healthy crops. Working in the garden can also be valuable for children who like to build. Create, and by the way have fun, gaining knowledge that will be useful in the future.

Priceless experience

Many people think that organic farming is an outdated practice and therefore get their food supply in supermarkets. Nothing is more misleading – for some time now, the emphasis has been placed on the return to local food and the purchase of naturally grown products. Gardening will also help you shape the features that are important in your daily life – responsibility, time management, diligence and creativity.

First achievements

It’s nice to be independent, right? Self cultivation will certainly give you that satisfaction. That way, you have an influence on what gets on your plate. You eat healthy and save moneyat the same time. Creating something from scratch is a reason to be proud. Enjoying the rewards of your work, be proud of the fact that your garden has transformed into something spectacular and thanks to your to commitment, small seeds have grown into generous plants.

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