Urban furniture for green spaces

urban equipment for parks

Urban furniture for green spaces does not have to be boring and neutral. As elements of city architecture, they are parts of our every day life. The constant haste imposed by modern living can leave us unaware of our close environment. Items previously unnoticed suddenly become visible when out for a relaxing walk. Small architecture is often undetectable because of its monotony, as well as its repetitiveness. The main feature making an equipment memorable is its uniqueness, despite their everyday use.

City furniture for green and urban spaces

Sunday walks, which are commun for many people, are times to discover and explore what cities have to offer. It often turns out that the landscape consists not only of homogeneous grey devices, but rather carefully crafted elements. More and more cities are trying to create spaces according to a predetermined plan, boldly experimenting and displaying unique forms.

Public benches as urban furniture

Decorated public benches appear in historic spaces, in thematic squares, as well as in areas where the landscape is a dominant feature. Modern housing estates or science centers require a different arrangement than classic buildings. Therefore, they could somehow look futuristic. Schools and colleges are places where there is little time between lessons. Rather than comfort, sitting and if necessary, quickly getting up to go back to classes is required. In historic spaces, all elements should interact with each other, for example with a simple frame referring to past times.

Types of city benches

City furniture for green areas represents a huge category of products. In addition to benches, can be included fences, bins, bike stands, railings, etc. A multitude of options available in the Krostrade online store enables the most demanding customer to find the suitable product in terms of price and aesthetics . In this article, we will only talk about benches, but over time, other elements of small architecture will be reviewed. Below, however, we will mention various sites, as well as matching products:

Public benches for schools and colleges

In such spaces, benches for students are usually installed. Although primarily intended for young ones, it is worth understanding how they are made. The structure mostly consists of galvanized steel pipes, which are protected against corrosion. The coating and high-quality steel also protects them against mechanical damage.

Benches for historic areas

Castles, fortresses, palaces, as well as ruins and underground. These are just a few of the places where benches could be found. Visiting tourists will probably get tired during the trip. It is good to know they can rest. Small such equipments are usually adapted to the environment. Most often, they are cast-iron benches.

Small architecture at railway stations, bus stops and airports

Here, the most important is that the frame is resistant to weather conditions. This can be achieved by applying zinc to steel or by designing a stainless steel bench. In both cases, with proper maintenance, the structure will keep its strength for years, guaranteeing the comfort of travelers waiting for the next stage of their journey. Benches with a back support, in addition to a solid frame usually feature wooden elements. The boards used have been painted and treated with a protective layer, which extends their life. As a result, they do not rot or absorb moisture.

Park bench and playground

Each city has a park, which is a meeting place, as well as offering leisure activities for residents. There are families with children, groups of friends and people looking to relax after a hard day’s work. Although you can lie on a blanket thrown directly onto the grass, benches have become standard equipment of city parks. Being exposed to various atmospheric factors, as well as changing seasons, they must be protected against their harmful effects.

Urban furniture

Models of benches and their possible applications are numerous. Urban furniture can also appear in domestic gardens. They easily fit in with their design and turn out to be very functional and durable. Comfortable and aesthetic benches will be suited to any architectural arrangement.

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