City benches for public spaces

urban benches

City benches in public spaces have been transformed. Instead of designing stereotypical and boring equipment, urban architects now tend to follow trends and styles from fashion. At a time when social network access is easy, urban observers can judge what is up to date and not. They can quickly voice their opinion, scoffing at public objects disfiguring public places. Therefore, when arranging a garden, shopping center, shop or any open space, one should take some precautions.

City benches for public spaces, galleries and gardens

In order to integrate urban furniture with green spaces, small structures should become an integral part of the site. For this purpose, it is worth using product lines that combined the existing style. Thanks to the numerous options available on the online Krostrade store, customers have the opportunity to meet their requirements. Each item, made of high quality materials, guarantees reliability and longevity, in addition to aesthetic appearance.

Construction of city benches

Among the available range, there are benches made of steel, treated with a layer of zinc during production. Other products, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel. Classical models are manufactured in cast iron. In all cases, the aim is to protect steel parts from corrosion. Without adequate protection, rain, snow, humidity and changing seasons would lead to a shorter service life. Wood elements are similarly protected: they have been painted and impregnated.

Comfortable city furniture

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the most important criteria is whether these public benches are comfortable and ergonomic. They were designed in such a way that seat and support are adjusted to the correct position for the back of the seated person. This enables a comfortable rest in a public place. The height of the bench is so universal that people of all ages and any height are able to sit down without any problems before moving on.

Small architecture in urban space

The number of options, models, as well as possible colors means that benches are suitable for any space. It could be futuristic, for which each element must be unique, or classic, where moderation is needed, for parks, where comfort is important, playgrounds, stations, gardens, etc. Thanks to the various mounting options, you can secure them into any type of ground. At the base of the legs are placed mounting holes, on which screws are fixed. They stabilize the benches, making it impossible to remove it. Cyclic maintenance of the structure, boards, and fittings keeps equipment in good condition for years.

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