Promotion on polytunnels

Promotion on polytunnels 2

A promotion on polytunnels is the perfect opportunity to choose a structure to start gardening under cover. Although there is still a risk of snow outside, the months following January bring gardeners closer to the growing season. For good deals on a greenhouse, proceed in winter.

Special offer on garden tunnels
Make the most of this offer on polytunnels

Promotion on polytunnels

Quality, as well as production methods used by the tunnel manufacturer Krosagro , generate a growing number of users. These products, compared to other structures of this type, are stronger. These are not disposable structures lasting just a season, which will collapse with wind, bad weather or a bit of snow. In addition, they are more durable and stronger than PVC and aluminum. The steel used is of high quality and treated with an anti-corrosion layer. This zinc coating minimizes ageing of the elements, prolonging their service life.

Modular structures for under cover cultivation

Thanks to their modular construction system, these tunnels can be extended with an unlimited number of hoops. This is a beneficial process for gardeners who want to expand their growing area in the future. The posts and roof reinforcements increase the structure’s resistance to snow loads. By maintaining a positive temperature inside the greenhouse, one can grow plants throughout the year. And by choosing cold-resistant varieties, gardeners can harvest fresh vegetables in all seasons.

A hobby greenhouse

This promotion is valid for small and large tunnels, intended for plots and gardens. By investing in this type of installation, in addition to their durability, you have the guarantee that they will be suited to the cultivation of plants under cover. Regardless of what you intend to grow and with proper care, you will benefit from abundant crops.

garden greenhouse

Advantages of polytunnel

Acting more ecologically, towards self-sufficiency, is one of the reasons people decide to start gardening. In times of mass consumption, many growth substances are used for the production of many food products. Although the latter are not considered harmful, more and more people have a different opinion. Without panicking, based on facts, ask yourself if it is better to eat vegetables and fruits from supermarket shelves or grow them yourself. Urban gardening is also an increasing trend. A modern garden also represents an alternative to boring green spaces with the same designs.

Krosagro greenhouses online

Where to look for polytunnels for gardening? Just choose one of the models and make the most of this promotion (stocks are limited). A simple click on the given model will guide you in your purchase. If any questions or difficulties arise at the time of order, we encourage you to take advantage of the LIVE CHAT or contact customer service by phone (0048 603583715).

special offer

height: 2m; width: 2m; length: 3.75 m
Special offer : from 151 EUR down to 121 EUR


Height: 2.50 m; width: 3m; length: 6.25m
Special offer: from 279,5 EUR down to 224 EUR


height: 2.4 m; width: 4m; length: 6.25m
Special offer: from 343 EUR down to 275 EUR


height: 2.4 m; width: 4m; length: 10m
Special offer: from 502 EUR down to 402 EUR

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Promotion on polytunnels

A promotion on polytunnels is the perfect opportunity to choose a structure to start gardening under cover. Although there is…

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