Which polytunnel to choose and how?

There are many variants of polytunnels on the market, so choosing the right one can give you a small headache. We will advise less experienced gardeners on which structures are worthy of interest and best suited to their requirements. If cultivation under cover is a completely new topic, it is worth choosing a small and inexpensive structure first. The size of the foil tunnel is best adapted to the level of experience. It is much easier to cultivate plants in a smaller construction than in a multi-bay facility. Sometimes a grower comes to the conclusion that he has accumulated enough knowledge. Krosagro products, thanks to their modular designs, offer the option to increase the cultivation area at any time.

1. A foil tunnel with an appropriate foil cover

Throughout the growing season, sun rays penetrate through the plastic film, constantly feeding the plants inside. It is a well known fact that sunlight is one of the most important factors affecting the growth of plants. However, for optimal and safe exposure, light should pass through filters that limit its negative impact. This may come as a surprise, but keep in mind that natural light can damage plants. The sun’s rays, which cause humans sunburn, can also burn plants. The foil must allow favorable UV radiation and reflects harmful effects. Certified covers ensure the right amount of light passing through the protective shade. This can not be said about cheap polytunnels with green foil.

The light filtered through the foil is much more friendly to plants than the one that hits the vegetables and fruits directly when operating in open field. With appropriate light, plant growth rates are up to 26% higher. A well distributed light, reaching plants at different angles, produces less areas with shadows. This means that plants growing next to each other do not compete for access to light. Their growth is uniform and occurs at the same pace. A consistent growth in the greenhouse produces healthier plants. Harvest is not as spread over time as for outdoor crops.

Heating and plants transpiration increase the temperature in the foil tunnel. To avoid solar shocks, doors are opened or side vents are raised. Therefore, excess heat does not critically affect the crops. Air circulation creates a motion inside the facility, and the excess heat is drained outside the tent.

2. The foil tunnel extends the growing season

An effective foil tunnel is one that allows cultivation throughout the year. For a tunnel to meet such conditions, it must be airtight and properly ventilated. The cover should store the heat collected by the film during sunny days. In winter, the greenhouse should also keep the heat inside to minimize heating costs. Greenhouses are usually fully compatible with devices that may be additional agricultural equipment. A robust design will support suspended fans and other automatic crop cultivation systems without problems.

Of course, nothing prevents you from using the foil tunnel only during the nice season. You can produce sufficient yield to be enjoyed throughout the winter. A pantry rich in fruits and vegetables does not only represent big savings, but also a guarantee that vegetables and fruits consumed are fully healthy and contain no preservatives.

3. Modular polytunnel

Intensive gardening under cover is so rewarding that after the first season, many gardeners think about expanding their cultivation space. When it turns out that the words “optimal growth” and “abundant yield” are not marketing slogans but a reality, then comes the need to extend the site. An effective foil tunnel should guarantee versatile applications, be tailored to the needs and size of crops and give the opportunity to increase efficiency. That is why adding additional elements or accessories to the designed structures is so essential.

4. A foil tunnel that is durable and solid

A good garden greenhouse is not only resistant to weather conditions. It is also not subject to damage during storms, sudden and gusty winds, snowfall or hail. Falling branches , pebbles thrown by the mower, children playing in the garden, domestic pets are all a real threat for the tunnel. Therefore, it is worth investing in steel structure that do not bend with the weight of suspended pots. This often happens with tunnels made of PVC pipes. The wind will not be able to destabilize a steel structure. Elements are connected with each other by means of clamps, connectors and couplers. A storm can quickly destroy constructions made of thin tubes and PVC pipes. Often the tunnel is caught by a gusty wind and the frame gets completely broken.

Hot dip galvanizing of each elements of the steel tunnel means that all irrigation works inside the structure will not generate corrosion. Even when removing the cover for the winter, the construction will not be susceptible to corrosion.

5. The foil tunnel is high and wide enough

The ideal greenhouse should be comfortable to use and adapted to the plants. Cultivation methods should enable the use of every inch of space. It is not only about the basic flat surface on the ground but other parts as well. Tunnel equipment like growing tables, cabinets or hanging pots (the latter is not possible in PVC constructions) will offer additional space to be used for new experiences. Even the largest structure has its limitations, which is why it is primordial to fully utilize every square centimeter.

6. The foil tunnel is easy to operate and maintain

Covers of garden greenhouses are made of materials with different flexibility, consistency and resistance. Cleaning and maintaining the greenhouse should be synonymous with easy disinfection of the cover after the growing season. This task contributes to limit the development of pathogens and pests.

With Krosagro structures, the frame can only be damaged by accident or deliberate action. Regardless of the reason, only part of the structure then needs to be replaced, which is facilitated by the modular Krosagro construction system. When it comes to constructions with thin tubes or PVC, one must take into account the systematic replacement of damaged elements. The seemingly low cost of such a building becomes an endless expense after some time. What looks like a bargain with tunnels with light constructions, turns out costing more, constantly replacing elements. Moreover , this sometimes leads the gardener to give up his hobby.

7. Which tunnel to choose?

Of course, one that will be effective for the grower in the long term and will guarantee optimal plant growth. This design will allow you to become a provider of healthy vegetables for the whole family.

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