How to attract bees to your polytunnel?

How to attract bees to your polytunnel?

How to attract bees to your polytunnel? Attracting these pollinators is crucial for a successful plantation. Therefore, it is worth trying to invite them into your greenhouse. We will see in the following article why they play such an important role.

Pollinators for cultivation under cover

For some time, the number of bees has been decreasing at an alarming rate. The problem affects every inhabitant of this planet, as these insects are responsible for the pollination of three-quarters of food crops. That is why it is essential to take care of their well being.

What are bees looking for?

They wander the garden searching for nectar and pollen. As soon as they collect the right amount, they return to the hive. There, they transfer it to the workers who eliminate water from it and then place it in the cells. After some time, it turns into a thick sweet liquid, honey as we know it. Insects use it to live, feeding workers, as well as larvae. In winter, when there are no flowers, it remains a food source for the entire colony. People similarly use honey, but with a lot more possibilities. It is the perfect addition to cakes, a natural sweetener and a healthy probiotic.

Bee-friendly plantation

With the knowledge of how important the presence of bees in the garden is, one can prepare an environment that will encourage their frequent visit. The plastic cover stretched on the frame makes it difficult for insects to get inside the facility. The main advantage is that access is also limited for pests, as these are likely to feed on crops. To let pollinators in, a greenhouse should be adequately adapted.

Honey plants

These are plants with a long blooming period, producing a lot of nectar, with a strong smell, as well as colorful flowers. It is important that these mature at different times, so that pollinators have a constant supply of new substances. Monoculture is a major threat for bees. If restricted to one type of food, they lose interest in such a site as soon as flowering time is over. One should also take into account that some colors are more attractive. Bees are able to distinguish some of them. Usually they focus on blue and yellow flowers, so providing those will be beneficial.

Bees in a polytunnel

In commercial polytunnels, bumblebees are used more often than standard bees as they perform much better under cover. Bees are constantly looking for new places, sometimes traveling several kilometers. Being able to fly in and leave the tunnel is a must for them. Constructions with roof ventilation give them a chance to overcome this problem. The air flow will be necessary for plants, insects, as well as working conditions. With hobby tunnels, side ventilation located on both sides will contribute to their visit. Rolled up openings will set the air in motion. Insect nets are usually included, but they can be removed during a heat spell, for optimal air circulation.

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How to attract bees to your polytunnel?

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