modular steel structures
Special offer on garden tunnels

Promotion on polytunnels

A promotion on polytunnels is the perfect opportunity to choose…

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A small garden with a small greenhouse

Small polytunnel for the garden

As a permanent feature of the plot, a small polytunnel…

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Growing with the cold

Cultivation under cover in winter

Polytunnels, thanks to the plastic membrane on the frame, protect…

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lighting for industrial hall

Lighting of a tent hall

Lighting of a tent hall is one of the necessary…

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Tents for commercial events
characteristics of a storage hall

What is a tent hall?

In the 21st century, a huge evolution has taken place,…

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Storage tent application

Tent hall as a workshop

A tent hall as a workshop represents an ideal solution…

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Sporting halls

Tents for sporting events

Tent halls for sport Tents for sporting events are universal…

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ventilation under cover

Fan for polytunnel

Fans are a standard equipment for professional greenhouses, and are…

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