Types of doors in a foil tunnel

✅ Polytunnel in Łomianki near Warsaw

Krosagro greenhouses on the German market

✅ Polytunnel for seedlings, Telgte

A two-aisled foil tunnel

✅ Multi span polytunnel 4 x 9.6 x 30 m

new design Krosagro - seasonal foil tunnel

✅ Single-span seasonal polytunnel

Agricultural tunnel for plant production

✅ Polytunnel in Jedlicze

Foil tunnel for vegetable production

✅ Professional polytunnel 3.5 x 6 x 20 m

A commercial construction for agriculture

✅ Single polytunnel 7x3x20 m

A professional foil for the farm

✅ Polytunnel 10x3x13 m

Commercial crops under cover in the tunnel

✅ Professional polytunnel 7x3x20m

Tent storage hall

✅ Storage tent, Gorlice, Poland