Storage and transport of plants from a polytunnel

Storage and transport of plants from a polytunnel

Storage and transport of plants from a polytunnel are important issues for any grower operating with a greenhouse. These factors have a huge impact on business profitability. This time on the Krosagro blog, we have prepared some basic information on how to avoid logistic errors.

Storage and transport of plants from a polytunnel when cultivating under cover

When choosing plant varieties for cultivation, it is crucial to know about their needs in terms of soil and climate, their potential growing methods, and most importantly choose seedlings from proven producers. Even then, it is worth checking whether any damage or developing pests are present. Roots should be kept in a moist soil. Do not opt for weak plants with a dry base. Even a small water shortage would affect the resulting quality and quantity of crops.

Transport of plants for cultivation under cover

Protecting root systems against damage enables to keep seedlings in good condition and therefore facilitates their potential sale. Wholesalers require healthy and good-looking plants. If deliveries do not meet one of these requirements, they will surely look for another supplier. That is why protecting pots against crushing, soil against drying, overheating or freezing becomes essential. Vehicles for this kind of duty should be properly adapted. Many use DIY systems. However, if unwilling or unable to arrange such constructions, you can opt for one of the solutions available on the market.

Storage of plants in polytunnels

It is rather beneficial to place plants for sale in a shaded foil tunnel. They should feature a well-developed root lump to adapt to the new site. Excess substrate can be shaken off, being careful not to damage any part of the seedling. Then tie it so that the whole base is covered with fabric, containing a thick layer of soil. Plants with a bare root will need to be periodically sprayed. To extend storage time, they are covered with straw, agricultural fabric or other absorbing as well as breathable material. This process slows down water loss and protects against frost.

The third form of selling seedlings is from container. Young plants can grow in starter pots all year long, and fully develop all parts in and above the ground. However, try to avoid roots growing on the walls of the pot. Before transferring them into the soil, roots are loosened by pressing the lump of substrate.

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