Mobile workshop tent

Mobile workshop tent

A mobile workshop tent is a universal structure offering additional space for work and storage at a low cost. This unconventional solution tends to replace traditional buildings year after year. Thanks to their low price, young entrepreneurs who cannot compromise on the size of their storage can afford them. And when it is necessary to enlarge the structure, this possibility becomes a reality with a modular construction system.

Mobile workshop tent for storage and garage

Simple installation and additional features will facilitate location of the tent in any given space. It can be set up on a construction site, in an open area where it will protect machines, goods and tools from the weather. Any efficient team is able to assemble the object in a few hours, for immediate availability. As soon as it is needed elsewhere, it can be folded and then transported to another site. Depending on the activity level, the structure can be stored like other tools.

Construction made of pipes and profiles

Tent, halls and tunnels frames available in the Krostrade online store are made of steel. These products are manufactured by Stal Impex, using pipes, profiles and other sections. With twenty years of experience, the company has developed the Krosagro brand for steel constructions. To guarantee longevity of these structures, all parts are treated with an anti-corrosive coating. When exposed to atmospheric factors such as precipitation, temperatures changes and humidity, they remain protected by this layer of zinc against corrosion. Structures age more slowly, retaining their durability and properties for years.

Functions of a modular workshop

Although garage tents, agricultural polytunnels, greenhouses or industrial halls by name indicate a specific application, this should not be restrictive. Such facilities can be successfully used for something completely different. The space available inside constructions enables shelves, workstation, tables etc. to be added. Or anything else needed to suit the owner’s business. They can be fitted with electrical installation, lights, ventilation, automatic gate opening, etc. as well as divided into zones, offering sections intended for specific functions.

Steel construction cover

Tarpaulins covering structures are made of PVC. They can be found on trucks and vans on a daily basis. As far as halls are concerned, their cover are thicker and more durable. As year-round facilities, they must show increased resistance to heavy loads. This is especially important in winter. With snow resting on the structure, and to avoid any hazard, the cover must be adapted to these types of conditions. It is secured to the frame by means of special belts welded within the material. The cover is made of flame retardant material, also featuring a filter that slows down colour fading. That way, garage tents retain their aesthetic look for longer.

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