How To Start A Greenhouse Business

How To Start A Greenhouse Business 1

In order to understand how to start a greenhouse business, you should educate yourself regarding farming and planting, choosing the best location, effectively managing your resources, and promoting your small business.

This guide will help you turn your hobby into a business. Yes, planting, a thing that you love to do during your leeway, can be a source of your income, if you do it using a greenhouse.

Read further and know how to start a greenhouse business.


Steps In Starting Your Greenhouse Business

The number of harvests of plants from a greenhouse is undeniably greater than ones from a natural setting. Not to mention that it ensures that the plants acquire all of the nutrients that they need.

However, establishing your greenhouse may not be easy as you think. It is labor-intensive, and it will require a lot of resources like money, so in the end, you must make sure that you can compensate for your time and effort.

Here are the basic steps on how to start a greenhouse business:


#1 Knowing your demographics

You can start with studying your place’s demographic profile and other economic aspects. It will help you determine if a greenhouse business is suited to your location and assess the demand for products such as vegetables, flowers, and other crops.

Acquire information about local markets; determine how many from the markets of your town would agree if you’ll supply them with your products, what are their standard of quality and how many they can sell.

Also, through this, you can have an idea regarding the economic condition of your locality. Population determines what products are much needed by the majority of the people in an area.

You need to assess the number of people and income of the population so that you can foresee if your products will be well-accepted or not. Possible customers Study the preferred products of your possible customers.

Knowing their favorites will help you choose the crops that will probably have the most number of purchases.

Existing markets know how many existing greenhouse businesses are there in your area. It is a great way for you to identify the probable market holes and formulate techniques to excel.


#2 Determine the size of your production

Upon identifying the corps that are demanded in your area, determine the number of products that will bring you earnings at the end. Start with low-cost equipment and materials to ensure your proceeds.

We also suggest that you use small space as you begin so you don’t have to spend too much on electric bills.


#3 Educate yourself about horticulture

It will give you knowledge on how the greenhouse works. Also, you must study the basic needs of the plants and the risk factors of nutrient deficiency and plant diseases.

After that, try contracting business authorities and start processing business clearance and permit.


#4 Choose the best location for your greenhouse business

Ensure the accessibility of all the resources and the visibility of your business. Here are the things that you need to remember:

  1. Locate your greenhouse in a place that is near to the center of business or the bustling market. It will help you encourage more customers and promote your store.
  2. Make sure that you have access to free fertile and organic soil. Buying soil can be an addition to your expenses.
  3. Ensure your access to water since it is a fundamental element needed by plants and the greenhouse.
  4. The place should be near the markets that sell equipment and materials that you need for your greenhouse.
  5. A place that is certified clean and free from pests.


#5 Use glass or plastic walls for passive solar energy

It will absorb and accumulate heat during the day and store it until night to prevent freezing during cold days.  Heating your greenhouse is important because some plants die on a cold climate.


#6 Invest in devices or equipment

To make your greenhouse effective, you should incorporate it with equipment that will help you control all the elements that they need and manage your resources. Here are the essential things that you should include in your greenhouse:

  1. Benches

Putting benches is a great way of separating your plants. Not to mention that it can elevate the plants that need more sunlight and air.

  1. Ventilators

This equipment help in facilitating the level of humidity inside the greenhouse. It also offers to cool to plants that need a lower temperature.

  1. Chimney

These serve as a passageway of air. It shall be opened during sunny days to promote coolness that is needed by some plants that naturally flourish in spring or winter.

  1. Electricity

Then the source of electricity will allow you to power electric heaters, fluorescent lamps, and ventilators.


#7 Look for suppliers

Search for a wholesaler of seeds who can give you a discount. It is also better if they devote to regularly supply you with good-quality seeds.


#8 Promote your business

It will help you gain more recognition if you connect with local grocers, florists, and business owners.

You can do it through creating a Facebook page. Distributing informative brochures, and promoting recipes and other products that your crops can create.



Greenhouse business is one of the most successful emerging industries nowadays because it offers high production. It guarantees excellent protection. If you want to start one, you should start with education, analysis, and determination. Hopefully, you’ve already understand how to start a greenhouse business.

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