How To Heat A Greenhouse With Solar Panels

How To Heat A Greenhouse With Solar Panels 1

If you’re interested to know how to heat a greenhouse with solar panels, it’s very simple; you just have to follow the process provided on this article.

Well, a greenhouse is considered an excellent environment for plants to thrive in. Placing them in a greenhouse is a convenient way of managing your their condition. Since temperature is fluctuating, some farmers installed solar panels.

Heating solar panels in your greenhouse is an effective way, especially when the cold season is coming.


Ways On Heating Greenhouse Using Solar Panels

There a few things to remember on how to heat a greenhouse with solar panels. Let’s delve further.


#1 Choosing a solar heating system

Solar panel installation is a good option to power your greenhouses or buildings. For that reason, farmers come up with a wise decision of choosing solar heating systems. The most appropriate solar heating system in a greenhouse is the passive solar design because it reduces the loss of heat and maximizes solar gain.

Solar panels are electricity providers that power up electric equipment in your greenhouses. These solar panels link to the power management of solar PV systems, lights, and fans.


#2 Adding solar panels to the passive solar greenhouse

Probably, you’ll think of how can adding solar panels to a passive solar system affect the greenhouse? Well, for that, the feedback would be; you will achieve a greenhouse with sustainable and high generating energy.

Merging the solar panels will allow an energy-potent greenhouse to be in zero net energy consumption. A zero net system is producing an equal amount of energy created on the site or by renewable energy sources offsite.


Types Of Solar Heating Systems

There are two types of solar heating systems. They are active solar heating systems and passive solar heating systems.


Active solar systems

It is composed of the PV solar panels which capture solar radiation that can be converted into power electricity of pumps, fans, and blowers to spread the heat around the greenhouse.


Passive solar heating systems

On the other hand, this type of heating system stores the solar energy that passes through a glazed area. The stored heat can rise to a massive extent through various methods and processes.

Through passive solar energy, the energy from the sun will be a factor of heating and cooling of living spaces through the sun’s exposure. As the light of the sun strikes a building or greenhouse, the materials can transmit or absorb the radiation.


Different Types Of Solar Panels

A greenhouse needs effective solar panels to heat up. So, it is vital to know the choices of your preferences in choosing solar panels.

The two common types of solar panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Both of them have their own corresponding set of advantages and disadvantages.


Monocrystalline Solar Panels

This type of solar panel is built with a material which is namely single crystalline silicon. These panels are distinctive because it is dark-colored and cylinder-like shaped in appearance.



  • Most efficient type
  • Money-saving
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for cloudy areas
  • High-efficiency level


  • Solar cells decrease as temperature increases
  • Expensive
  • Silicon material is wasted during cutting


Polycrystalline Solar Panel

It is sometimes called as “multi-crystalline” because it has consisted of numerous crystals in every cell. For that reason, the electrons have only limited movements.



  • Simple in process
  • Less amount of waste
  • Lesser costs
  • Good in hot temperatures
  • Minimal loss of silicon


  • Less efficient
  • Requires large space


Beneficial Effects Of Solar Panels

Knowing how to heat a great house with solar panels is not sufficient if you don’t know what their beneficial effects to your greenhouse is. So, we have included this topic just for you. Here are the following:


Absence of toxic emissions

In using solar panels, you must be aware of its essential benefit in using pure energy once you heat your greenhouse. The solar energy can help in preventing the presence of toxic gasses that are discharged by the power source which can favorably affect the growing process of your plants

For that reason, you’re not just into your plant’s protection, but you are also an agent of protecting your planet.


Effectiveness of the temperature control system

There are some sources of energy that might need a supplementary temperature control system which can make plants grow and thrive in the greenhouse.

Other sources of energy might need an additional temperature control system to enable the plants in the greenhouse to thrive. Utilizing sun based boards to produce heat for the greenhouse, on the other side, enables you to create a decision to prevent the sunlight based boards from warming up the nursery.

This demonstration should effortlessly be possible by changing the settings of the solar panels. Moreover, you can introduce solar panels with sensors that can naturally open vents if there should arise an occurrence of overheating of your greenhouse.



Utilizing solar panels in your greenhouse is savvy contrasted with different wellsprings of energy. While the underlying arrangement cost may be costly, however, the money-saving advantage you will get from the venture will guarantee you get your cash’s worth over the long haul.


Final Words

There are many things you should consider and understand on how to heat a greenhouse with solar panels. For those interested in installing solar heating systems and solar panels in your greenhouse, we hope for the best that we have answered your questions. The discussed ideas are intended for your concerns.

So, what are your plans after this? Have a great day.

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