How To Grow Vanilla Beans In A Greenhouse

How To Grow Vanilla Beans In A Greenhouse 1

The steps on how to grow vanilla beans in a greenhouse are quite challenging- understanding their growth, arranging their container, and considering many more factors.

To ensure that vanilla beans could effectively flourish in a greenhouse, you need to research its growth habit so that you can provide everything that it needs and follow the correct process of pollination.

This guide will provide you with sufficient knowledge for the smooth and problem-free growth of vanilla beans. Just read on and know more about how to grow vanilla beans in a greenhouse.


Why Grow Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans are one of the most wanted ingredients in every corner of the world. They are dried and cured to enhance the flavor and smell of our recipes. That’s why a lot of gardeners desire to plant it in their homes; either to start a business or to have a constant supply of this spice.

Humidity and temperature are the crucial factors that affect the growth of this plant. Therefore, putting it in a greenhouse guarantees better results. In a greenhouse, you can effectively facilitate the growth of your vanilla beans because this setting will help you keep their needs and your resources well-controlled.


Ways On How To Grow Vanilla Beans In A Greenhouse

Now, it’s time for you to understand deeper about how to grow vanilla beans in a greenhouse. Here are the steps:


#1 Understand the natural growth habit of vanilla beans

Vanilla beans are from pods that result from the pollination of a vining orchid. It grows in a tropical environment and extends up to 30 meters long. As its height increases, its roots extend downward through loose soil to consume more nutrients and water.

Knowing this, you’ll learn how to arrange and set up your greenhouse to assist the growth of vanilla beans. One way to prepare its place is by setting up a wooden trellis where it can climb because it’s slow-growing.


#2 Properly arrange the container

Orchids are semi-terrestrial plants. Hence, if you put it in a greenhouse. We suggest that you plant it on a pot instead of hanging it to reduce the ergonomic hazard.

Allot of a post made from wood, preferably a brand that doesn’t quickly spoil. Where the vines can climb and extend.


#3 For stronger and healthier vines, your plant needs partial sun

We advise that yay expose it to bright light during noonday. Take note that too much heat is not beneficial for vanilla beans. But you must also not put it under too much shade.


#4 Consider the importance of air humidity and temperature

Make sure to maintain at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature inside your greenhouse. An environment that’s too cold may affect the speed of your plant’s growth.

To avoid freezing during cold nights, you may install electric heaters or use plastic and glass walls because they are efficient in absorbing and releasing heat during cold weather.

On the other hand, improve air humidity through properly arranging your plants to allow proper air circulation.


#5 Observe the proper way of watering your vanilla beans

Keeping the soil moist and consistent watering speed up the growth of the plant. Always remember to wet the base and the soil with the right amount of water.

We recommend using an orchid potting mix for an efficient and proper drainage system. To avoid diseases, allow your potting mixture to dry sometimes.


#6 Apply regular fertilizers

With this, you can provide consistent nutrients and prolong the flowering stage so you can produce more pods and harvest more beans. There are two ways of putting your fertilizers.

The first one is directly applying traditional fertilizers like manure and natural materials. In contrast, the second one requires that you mix commercial fertilizers and water and generously pour it to the plant.

We also suggest using spray containers so you can take control of the volume of water being released.


#7 Recognize the need for intensive care during the flowering stage

It will take a lot of time and energy until you reach this stage. This stage is the most important because after it blooms, it will take great pods which will bring you the vanilla beans.

If you notice constant dryness and that the vines have already climbed up to the top of the post. The flowers are ready to emerge. Supply it with a sufficient amount of bright light and warm temperature to support the process of blooming.

Remember that if it fails to bloom, no pods will be produced.


How To Pollinate Flowers

Pollination is a daily task. Take note that the flowers only bloom for 24 hours, after that it falls off. If this situation continues, it may result in a lower amount of production of beans. After it opens, pollinate it using a toothpick for 8-12 hours.

Every day, your task is never to let the flowers wilt and drop.

  1. Make sure that your area is clean so you can be safe with diseases
  2. Clear away falling leaves and wilted flowers because it may carry diseases and affect other plants.
  3. Immediately remove leaves that have wounds because it may allow fungi to enter the plant.
  4. Ensure that the area is clean and free from pests and insects so you can avoid using pesticides and insecticides that may cause damage to the plants if not well-controlled.
  5. Never overwater so that roots will not rot.



On the whole, growing vanilla beans in a greenhouse are labor-intensive. It is a must for you to understand the nature of the plants so that you can adjust the elements and provides their basic needs.

We hope that through this guide. You have recognized the significance of temperature, air circulation, and brightness as a support to your plants’ growth. Now that you know how to grow vanilla beans in a greenhouse, it’s time for you to do it yourself.

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