How To Grow Truffles In A Greenhouse

how to grow truffles in a greenhouse

There are two ways on how to grow truffles in a greenhouse. One is through inoculating kits, and the other is through planting a sapling.

Truffles are rare plants because it only grows in specific areas. Before, only the rich can afford to eat such delicacy. But now, thanks to the invention of the greenhouse, everyone can grow truffles even outside its original environment.

In this article, you will understand how to grow truffles in a greenhouse. Let’s delve deeper.


Ways To Grow Truffles In A Greenhouse

“Truffles sold in pastry shops?” you may ask. However, that is not what we meant. The truffles that we are talking about are the fungi that grow at the feet of trees. Truffle brings certain benefits to the trees while the roots support its growth. It has two kinds- black and white truffles.

White truffles are more expensive because they undergo a more complicated growth process than the black ones.  Due to the demand and desire to increase this crop’s production and supply, more farmers are cow growing truffles inside their greenhouses and starting new businesses.

Naturally, truffles do not grow outside of their environment. But why greenhouse is vital for truffles’ growth? Well, it devotes to supply the needs of the truffles even in a strange setting.

Now, we’ll discuss the two ways to grow truffles: through inoculating kits, and through planting a sapling.


Growing Truffles Using Inoculation Kits

Here are the steps on how to grow truffles in a greenhouse using inoculation kits:


#1 Using growing kits

Truffle growing kits have been emerging in every corner, and you can have it ordered online. The process eliminates the need for you to plant a tree and wait for the truffles to sprout.

The kit will provide you with a substrate, sterilized jars, and spores with a syringe. There are different kits for black and white truffles, so start choosing the kind that you are willing to work on. Always look at the properties before buying and avoid products with hallucinogenic components because they are illegal.


#2 Start with inoculating the substrate

Inoculation is the process of activating and immunizing the substrate where the organisms live.

Put the substrate inside the sterilized jars and inject spores using the syringe. Cover it with the lid and evenly spread the spores throughout the substrate through shaking.

It’s better if you already conditioned your greenhouse to 21 to 25 degrees Celsius and installed cabinets and boxes where you can enclose your jars because darkness speeds up truffles’ growth.

For 2 to 4 weeks, the spores will fully occupy the substrate.


#3 Study the manual included in your kit

The producers guarantee fast and healthy growth if you strictly follow the instructions. Even though some sources contradict the manual, never disobey what the instructions suggest because the manufacturer derived the process from the kit’s components and quality.

Additionally, some substrates are already inoculated and don’t require further spore injection.


#4 To activate your spores, moisten the soil

We suggest that you use watering cans or spray bottles. Doing this will ensure the elements needed by the truffles in different environments. In watering, use the right amount of water prescribed by the manual.


#5 Shake before use

Some kits, especially ones with pre-mixed substrates, require shaking to activate the spores further. Add water, close, and gently shake the jar. Next is to drain the water out: 2-3 times of shaking in a week ensure spores’ activation.


#6 The lid must always be closed to prevent contamination

Leaving it open gives way to other organisms to live in the substrate and disturb the truffle’s growth. Therefore, always keep it protected to avoid damage to the crop.


#7 Place the truffles in a dark area

Fungi don’t prefer light; it proliferates if you expose it to darkness. However, it also means a change of environment to other greenhouse plants if you put them under too much shade.

That’s why installing boxes and cabinets where you can confine your jars highly are suggested. Also, the environment must adjust its temperature to 21 to 25 degrees Celsius to sustain the crop.


#8 Don’t let the soil dry out

Monitor its moisture through gently touching it with your fingers. Use spray bottles to spread the water evenly. Avoid overwatering if the surface is already wet.


#9 You need to wait for a week to see signs of growth

This revolutionary process is faster compared to the growth in the natural setting. After 2-3 weeks, the truffle has already fully grown and ready for harvest.


Growing Truffles Using Saplings

Here are the steps on how to grow truffles in a greenhouse using saplings:


#1 Start with purchasing and inoculated sapling

This process usually is not used, as it will take you years to finally harvest truffles.


#2 In a wide planter, mix 50% of soil and 50% of gravel

The gravel is essential in ensuring the drainage of water even though the soil is moist throughout. Ensure that your soil has less alkaline by checking if the pH is between 2.5″ and 8.3″.


#3 The sapling must be planted at the center of the planter

Arrange the roots properly so that it will be easier for it to extend. Then, bury the roots with soil; you will have to wait for a long time to see growth. Supply the truffles’ needs

As you wait for it to grow, make sure that you supply it with its nutrition. Follow the rich temperature, expose it under the sun for 6 hours, and water it every day.


#4 Monitor the development of the truffles

Check if lumps are growing under the soil and around the roots. Sprouts will start showing after 3-4 months. When truffles start to become spongy, then its time to harvest.



Modern ways have contributed to the success of truffles’ growth in a greenhouse. Choose the process that suits your needs and resources. It will indeed need your determination, time, and intense labor to grow truffles inside a greenhouse.

Now that you already know how to grow truffles in a greenhouse, it’s time for you to do so.

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