Walk-in Greenhouse vs Mini Greenhouse: Which is Better for Starting Plants

Walk-in Greenhouse vs Mini Greenhouse: Which is Better for Starting Plants

Are you wondering about the difference between walk-in greenhouse vs mini greenhouse: which is better for starting plants? Well, the answer lies on various factors.

We cannot say that one is ultimately better than the other since both the mini greenhouse and walk-in greenhouse have strengths and weaknesses. It is more, so you choose the better for your lifestyle, location, and preference.

If you’re still in doubt which between the two you will choose for starting plants, then read on! First, we will talk about mini greenhouse then walk-in greenhouse thereafter.


Mini Greenhouse

By its name, a mini greenhouse is the smallest type of greenhouse there is available in the market. This is the best type of greenhouse to use if ever you want to start gardening but do not have enough space at where you live.

People who choose mini-greenhouses are mostly those who live in the city, specifically in an apartment, where they have tight living quarters. Setting up a mini-greenhouse on the rooftop of your building is a breezy task. Though this greenhouse is small, it holds a lot of advantages.

For starter plants, it can be an ideal place for them since there is more control. You get to save a lot of space, have better control of the climate, and spend less than a traditional greenhouse.

If you’re a beginner gardener or have a plant that you want to start growing, a mini-greenhouse can help you begin. Usually, it’s for people to use this type of greenhouse in sprouting seeds. With a well-controlled environment, the roots can grow into healthy and vigorous seedlings.

A mini greenhouse holds the foundation to provide all the needs of your starter plants.  And with the great convenience and functionality of a mini greenhouse. You can watch how your plants grow just right outside your window.

Mini greenhouses are a suitable place to plant your herbs. You can set it up in your kitchen and have easy access to fresh herbs every day. You don’t need to build a massive structure outside your house. There are plenty of DIY greenhouse kits you can purchase to help you begin your green-thumb journey.


Walk-in Greenhouses

The best benefit a walk-in greenhouse can offer you is its portability and easy set-up feature. You can relocate this greenhouse wherever you want it to be. It is also cheaper than the standard greenhouse, which makes it budget-friendly, especially for beginner gardeners.

However, one thing to worry about is that it cannot hold well in areas where strong winds and ice storms often occur. These severe conditions can damage the greenhouse easily and ruin your starter plants in the process.

Starter plants can thrive well in a walk-in greenhouse since the set-up is relatively easy. It can provide all the needs of your starter plant to grow. Its portability is a great feature since it means that you can move it to the best location possible anytime.

Same as the mini greenhouse, the walk-in greenhouse also has DIY kits to help get you started. The structure of a walk-in greenhouse is simple, and sometimes. For it to function just as well as a traditional greenhouse, you may need to add other equipment to it. Examples of these are shelves, humidifiers, and heaters.

Starter plants will grow well in a controlled environment. This is most helpful during the colder seasons. A walk-in greenhouse can provide that kind of environment to starter plants with its simple structure and functionality.


Which One is Better?

Both the mini-greenhouse and the walk-in greenhouse have their pros and cons. It all depends on your preference and the availability of space in your house.

Let’s say you live in a small house with limited space for the yard. And you want to start growing plants. You will not be able to squeeze in a walk-in greenhouse into your home. It is better to have a mini-greenhouse for your starter plants.

Now, if you want a bigger greenhouse with a higher roof so you can quickly come in and out to check on your plants. Then a walk-in greenhouse will work fine with you. It is made with inexpensive materials so that the cost won’t be a problem.

A great example of a mini greenhouse compared to a walk-in greenhouse is when you only have a couple of plants to grow. Herbs are number one on this list. Why would you try and build a greenhouse structure just for small pots of herbs? It is better to create a mini greenhouse by your kitchen and keep your herbs in there.

Walk-in greenhouses are best for those who want a bigger greenhouse with a portability feature. If you tend to move around a lot, then it would be perfect for you. You can disassemble the pieces and relocate them to the area of your choosing.

Both the walk-in greenhouse and mini greenhouse can provide a controlled environment for your starter plants. At this stage, your plants are still fragile and need extra care.


Final Words

Generally, greenhouses have the primary purpose of keeping your plants warm, especially during the cold seasons. That is what both of these greenhouses offer as well.

But, the walk-in greenhouse cannot handle the most severe cold and stormy conditions. Mini-greenhouses, on the other hand, is preferably placed inside the house, so it is safer.

If you’re still in doubt between walk-in greenhouse vs mini greenhouse: which is better for starting plants, try to read the article again.

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