Seasonal polytunnel

Seasonal polytunnel

The seasonal polytunnel is a construction used to cover field crops when both rain cover and air flow between plants are important. These light and easy to assemble constructions are used for plantations of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, flowers and many other plants.

The reason for their implementation is the beneficial effect of the foil. Fixed on the universal frame and improving the growing conditions of the crop. The cover lets penetrate the sun’s rays, which raises the temperature of air and soil. More heat means faster and optimal maturation.

We can present this new Krosagro product, a construction intended for professional grown crops under cover, for fruit growers and farmers who prefer modern polytunnels.

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Design and construction of a seasonal polytunnel

Both these and other Krosagro structures are modular structures. This means that they have been designed with the possibility to extend them and combine them not only at the primary stage. But also at a later time. After the initial cost of investment , the producer will certainly look to enlarge the cultivated area. Generally, this involves the purchase of another full-sized greenhouse.

Profits for business

Realizing that business develops over time and requires flexibility and that some costs should be integrated gradually. Krosagro engineers have created a structure that can be modified. The benefit for a grower or a farmer is that he can buy the additional parts of the structure instead of a whole new structure.

Universal design

The other advantage of this model is the possibility of turning it into a multi tunnel. Connecting two tunnels side by side into one multi-bay structure. The foil sides dividing both facilities can be removed or left on, depending on the requirements of the crop. So you can not only enlarge greenhouses lengthwise, but also widthwise.

The entrance to such a greenhouse is so wide that you can drive in with machinery. The use of automation is obviously a great comfort for a grower in order to limit the costs of labour for manual harvesting.

Installation of a seasonal greenhouse

The structure itself is so simple that you do not need to hire professionals to install the object. This is an additional saving for growers or producers , aware of the expenses required. The instructions provided to the buyer are clear enough. That even a person without technical training can deal with it without any problems. Therefore, assembly of the structure can be done by yourself.

It is also easy to dismantle a greenhouse. Sometimes it is much more cost-effective to move a structure than to leave it in a given place. It might even be more optimal to put it in a different direction. The model was prepared for this eventuality. The elements are created in a way to combine low weight and resistance to atmospheric factors.

Even if there are any doubts at the stage of mounting, Krosagro staff or designers themselves will answer the questions. Having already created proven systems, we know how to implement work. So that the whole assembly can run quickly, efficiently, for a solid structure.

Foil for seasonal tunnel

The offer is available with the structure only or including foil. Of course, the grower can put a completely different material on the frame. It all depends on the requirements and conditions that must be created for the plants.

Part of the film is dug into the ground, increasing stability of the structure. In addition, strings are placed along the entire structure. Holding the cover and limiting movement and damage that could be caused by wind.

The foil is made using COEX-3 technology, certified to ISO 9001. The strength of such a cover is much higher compared to ordinary materials from the same group. Its advantage is also high light transmission, as much as 95%, which contributes to fruit coloring. The softeners added at production stage make it flexible, additionally increasing its resistance to strong gusts and increased air pressure.

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