Polytunnel or glasshouse?

Polytunnel or glasshouse?

On the market, you can find a full range of polytunnels and glasshouses with different levels of durability. Before deciding to buy, it is worth considering which conditions are to be created for plants. Ultimately, both glasshouses and foil tunnels have the same purpose. They protect crops against bad weather and provide favorable conditions for the development of vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs. Thanks to them, it is possible to harvest earlier than in traditional open field production. As well as several times a year. As a result, you can enjoy healthy and cheap food , straight from your garden all year round. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our comparison to find out which of these popular gardening structures is more suited to your needs.

Glasshouse for the advanced gardeners

The glasshouse is a good choice for more experienced gardeners. Building a glasshouse requires more work and effort than a foil tunnel. Whose assembly reminds us of a tent installation. A number of attractive glasshouse designs are available on the market and those can be a real garden ornament. They do not have to be located in an hidden place. Even close to the house, which can be an advantage .

Areas of the garden

To maintain their exceptional look, glasshouses require periodic cleaning. However, unless the glass is damaged, the cover does not need to be replaced. Greenhouses made of better components retain their appearance longer. Well-made and well-glazed greenhouses are a decorative addition to the garden. while polytunnels are not so visually appealing. Explaining why people try to keep them out of sight, in less visible areas of the garden. This trend is changing for the better because modern foil tunnels are getting prettier and can become a feature in the garden.

Ventilation systems

Greenhouses have a wide range of ventilation systems and plenty of shelves and other useful accessories to choose from. Modern polytunnels also have a variety of ventilation options. These are not old-style foil tunnels, where only door at both ends can be opened: now you can choose a tunnel with side ventilation, and in the case of professional commercial tunnels, you can use roof flaps or electronic ventilation systems. Polytunnels better cope with slopes, while glasshouses need flatter ground. What about maintenance and replacement costs for foil tunnels and glasshouses? When owning a glasshouse, one has to bear in mind that. From time to time, glass panels will get damaged and replacing it with a new one will be necessary.

Affordable polytunnels for your garden

Foil tunnels are increasingly becoming popular for plant production. One deciding factor for selection is of course the price. In general, if we only compare prices with similar size – a foil tunnel will always be a much cheaper option. While glasshouses turn out to be more expensive both for construction and maintenance. Growing vegetables often requires a lot of space. So polytunnels will effectively protect a larger area for much less money.

Stability and longevity

Their biggest advantage is the ease of assembly and the small amount of maintenance required. But cheap products also generate expenditures. A tunnel made of metal pipes protected against corrosion (preferably galvanized) ensures product stability and longevity. In contrast, cheap tunnels made of plastic may not survive even one season under unfavorable conditions. The only element of the tunnel that needs to be replaced regularly is the foil as it loses its properties over time. Replacement occurs depending on foil characteristics and the item itself is not very costly.

heat than unheated greenhouses

Polytunnels are also more flexible than glasshouses – it is possible to add extra arches, doors or ventilation systems. It is believed that foil tunnels retain more heat than unheated greenhouses, significantly extending growing seasons. Of course, both glasshouses and foil tunnels can be heated additionally by means of easily accessible equipment, but additional costs are to be expected.

There is no clear answer to choose between foil tunnel or glasshouse. Both foil tunnels and greenhouses have advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision depends only the buyer’s needs. Polytunnels and glasshouses are fantastic tools to protect plants from rain, wind and hail, providing excellent crop growth. Modern foil tunnels provide greenhouse-like effects, but at lower costs. However, well-made glasshouses will positively boost development of plants, as well as embellish your garden.

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