Foil fixing clips

Securing foil on polytunnels

Foil fixing clips enable users to secure a cover onto the structure. This plastic membrane is exposed to atmospheric conditions throughout the season. It is pressurized by the wind, hit by rain and snow. To reduce the risk of damage, the cover is to be firmly secured to the frame. Hobby greenhouses, available in the Krostrade online store, feature plastic clips for that purpose. The fixing system is one of the most important factors determining strength of a tunnel. So make sure to spend enough time on it and not do it in a hurry. This time on the blog, we will talk about how to effectively fix a foil to a greenhouse.

Foil fixing clips for polytunnels

These are small accessories made of polypropylene, a flexible material, resistant to bad weather and high temperatures. In the case of a small frame, anyone can do it alone without difficulty. With such a modular design, instructions are pretty clear. Just connect the elements with screws and clamps and the structure is ready in a flash. Then the foil has to cover it. It’s worth having some help for a smooth execution. The cover is laid over the entire greenhouse frame. Once leveled and stretched, one can start to fix it.

Installation of plastic film

Start with the lengths, fasten the clips from the bottom. They should also be carefully manipulated so as not to damage the cover. Apply each subsequent line evenly along the entire side. At the beginning, just use enough clips to slightly stretch the foil. As soon as a loose spot is noticed, add the next ones. You can also pull the plastic film by sliding the clip, which corrects some of the distortions that can appear.

Resistance of the foil to atmospheric phenomena

Among the available covers, reinforced foil, UV-2, UV-5 and UV-10 for large constructions can be selected. The reinforced film consists of several membranes including a mesh. This increases its strength. Regarding UV, the number following the abbreviation indicates the number of seasons guaranteed by the manufacturer. One season can be considered as half a year. However, do not take it too literally. A weaker foil might last longer than a more robust one. It all depends on the conditions and how it was installed.

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