Excuses not to cultivate under cover

Excuses not to cultivate under cover

Which excuses do people use not to cultivate under cover? As 2020 get under way, it is time to start planning for the upcoming growing season. Although at the time of writing this article there are still low temperatures and snow here and there, a return to the garden is getting ever closer. We have compiled this list for people undecided about starting to grow plants in a polytunnel. We will dispel myths and excuses against hobby gardening.

Which excuses are used not to cultivate under cover?

# 1 I have no room!

This is usually the first argument. The assumption is that, although a “potential” gardener would be willing to give it a go, he believes that “it can’t be done”. Cultivation under cover does not require huge spaces or large constructions. You can opt for a 2 x 2.5 m hobby garden tunnel, which cannot be considered as massive. With a height of 2m, width of 2m and length of 2.5m, it fits in a small area and even sites with unusual shapes. You can even try a smaller greenhouse, i.e. a mini foil tunnel. It’s a small structure used as a seedbed. It often serves as a cold frame or additional cover for seedlings of thermophilic species. Such a greenhouse can be placed on a balcony or terrace.

# 2 I live in the city!

A long time ago, even in urban spaces, a vegetable garden was the norm. Shops were not fully stocked and access to some vegetables was difficult. As standard of living improved, a wider range of fruit and vegetables appeared in stores. Many people gave up their vegetable garden. Slowly, these are coming back, even becoming trendy. Celebrities, people willing to live more ecologically or just financial pragmatism encourage the creation of a vegetable garden. Resulting harvests are fully ecological, as one controls conditions and what was used during production. To buy such products in shops, one must take into account their excessive price. The city does not interfere with the cultivation of plants, just cover them with a foil membrane. Crucially, thanks to the plastic cover, conditions inside the greenhouse are completely different from those outside the facility. Most harmful factors will not affect yield under cover.

# 3 I don’t have time to grow under cover!

Time is the only thing that we can never recover. However, do we make the most of it? Hours spent in front of a computer or a cell phone are probably wasted. You should rather turn to polytunnels. Of course, there are other options. However, at a time of stressful lives, a peaceful hobby, surrounded by greenery, has many beneficial effects. Contact and interaction with nature is even used as a support for traditional treatment and called hortitherapy. Its aim is to improve mood, reduce the effects of depression and lower anxiety. In addition, physical activity associated with plant care will increase endurance and help maintain good health.

# 4 I don’t know anything about plants!

Just like anyyone in this gardening adventure. You can often hear: I don’t have a green thumb. All you have to do is spend a certain amount of time in the garden, and you’ll gain skills over time. Inspirations and tips can easily be found in blogs, magazines and videos. Alternatively, we encourage you to follow the Krosagro blog. Importantly, new content is regularly added.

# 5 It’s expensive!

You don’t have to spend huge amounts to set up an organic production. The structure made of galvanized steel costs a few hundred euros. This guarantees its resistance to weather and corrosion , thanks to the protective zinc layer. A modular system enables to freely modify the polytunnel. Over time, if an extension is required, one only has to buy additional segments. Seeds, as well as cuttings, can be purchased at a low cost from other gardeners. Unless you opt for branded tools, you don’t have to expect high expenses. Pots can be reused many times. All in all, a significant part of the garden can be planned with a zero waste policy in mind. The best example are composters, which reduce the amount of waste generated by household members and transform them. Building one is very easy and benefits are numerous.

# 6 It’s messy!

The trend of urban and community gardens is growing in more and more cities. Vegetable gardens are a common sight in neighborhood, residential homes and on balconies. Just check social media to discover proud people, showing the results of their work. Are these crowds afraid of getting dirty? Even if it is messy, all you need is a good wash at the end. There is also no need to be afraid of contact with insects. These are usually not even interested in humans, too busy to perform their duties. This hobby is very dynamic: you can quickly see the effects of your efforts. Most will enjoy tasty and healthy fruit, cellars full of preserves and green goodies.

So did we manage to convince you to cultivate in a polytunnel?

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