Polytunnel from A to Z

Foil tunnels are becoming a more regular feature on the premises of specialized farms and domestic gardens and plots. A Polytunnel improve harvests for farmers and hobby gardeners who dream about fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from their garden. Where does the growing popularity of garden greenhouse come from? Among hobby gardeners, the determinant is certainly a healthy eating trend and a growing awareness for cultivation of fresh products using natural methods.

The main advantages of tunnels include the possibility to avail of multiple harvests during one growing season. This is impossible with traditional cultivation in open field. The development of crop production under cover is an opportunity for farmers to raise income and modernize the farm. For hobbyists, it is an opportunity to develop their passion. They can improve their well-being and supply fresh and healthy food to their family.

There are many models of tunnels on the market, differing from each other, including the material from which they were made, the size, type of coverage and, finally, their stability and durability, which is closely related to the quality of elements used. Foil tunnels are often made of steel, aluminum, PVC pipes and even wood, with various types of foil covering the frame . The aim of such structures is to create the right climate for plants grown inside the greenhouse.

This series is a comprehensive collection of information about foil tunnels. It is designed to highlight the topic “crops under cover”, especially for novice gardeners. By following this Krosagro e-book, you will be able to choose your first polytunnel in a simple and clear way. For novice gardeners, the choice is not always obvious. The identification of which tunnel is suitable for potential crops may pose many difficulties. There will also be an analysis of tunnel frames, a presentation of the most commonly used for tunnels, tips on how to care for tunnels before and after the growing season, how to create the right microclimate and conditions for plants. Those who still hesitate to start cultivating under cover will understand why it is worth buying a foil tunnel.

  • How and where to choose a polytunnel

    – in this part, the basic concepts and techniques related to foil tunnels. What should be taken into account first and what to avoid?

  • 7 reasons to buy a foil tunnel

    – saving money, health, passion, hobby are just a few words describing production of crops under cover and the associated benefits .

  • How to build, assemble and where to install a polytunnel

    – there is nothing to prevent you from constructing it yourself. Krosagro provides its customers with the entire range of parts for a DIY greenhouse construction

  • The foil tunnel frame

    – the greenhouse is as durable as the material from which it was made. Among the available structures, there are those that last for many years and those that need replacing after a season. In this part, we will tell you which constructions to choose and which one is the most reliable.

  • Which foil should I choose for a garden tunnel?

    – cover and frame are the two most important parts of the construction. Their selection affects plant growth, microclimate inside and heat storage. This is therefore what determines the crop quality and quantity. That is why it is so important to purchase the right foil that will meet the needs of every user.

  • Accessories for a polytunnel

    – which systems and elements should be added to this agricultural structure? In order to fully use the potential of cultivation under cover, the garden tunnel can be equipped with the right supporting cultivation technology . Although it is associated with a certain cost, it brings many benefits.

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