How to build a polytunnel?

How to build a polytunnel?

We fully understand the needs and requirements of plant growers under cover, whether they are professional producers or hobby gardeners. Over the years, Krosagro designers and consultants have helped hundreds of people create their tunnel designs. We offer everyone interested the opportunity to participate in conceiving their own polytunnel project. It should be remembered that effective horticultural or agricultural constructions are based on the use of high-quality materials. This enables to build solid and practical structures for vegetable and fruit cultivation.

Before starting your own project, it is worth getting acquainted with the architectural properties of polytunnels. It is worth learning from people who already run their own crop production in greenhouses, analyzing existing constructions or contact Krosagro experts who are available to answer any question.

Condition 1 – Tunnel adjustment to the location

Before proceeding, make sure that the designed foil tunnel will be suitable for the conditions prevailing in the given area. If the tunnel is located at high altitude, where snow is frequent, it is essential to avail of a structure adequately strengthened against snow load. Equally important in such conditions will be the tightness of the cover. Foil will then release the minimum amount of heat outside the facility. A different structure will be required if exposed to strong gusts of wind. In that case, anchorS may be necessary, and the whole frame should be reinforced with a truss.

Condition 2 – Positioning of the greenhouse

The location should be characterized by high sun exposure, although the site could be partially shaded, depending on plants’ needs . The tunnel is usually placed in a way to be exposed both north and south. That way, the sun illuminates the structure from morning to evening, raising the temperature inside. Installing the polytunnel in the close vicinity of an electrical source is also beneficial.  Growers are then in a position to connect their mechanical cultivation devices .

If the selected site fulfills all requirements, soil preparation should come next. We recommend, although not necessary, to level the ground. If the structure is to be permanently fixed in a given place, it should be anchored into the foundations. However, if the aim is to protect plants at a particular time of the year or to grow only seasonally, use anchors for soft ground, not for concrete. A polytunnel is a mobile structure that can be easily dismantled and assembled. And small structures can be moved with little effort. Resistance to weather conditions is increased even more by securing it to the ground.


Condition 3 – Material for a foil tunnel

At this stage, it is necessary to decide which material for the frame of the garden tunnel, whether the structure is to be light or durable, inexpensive or solid. During planning, one should be prepared for the addition of a ventilation system allowing airflow, beneficial to plants. If the structure is to be equipped with irrigation , heating systems and fans, it will be necessary to adapt the structure to such components.

Although designing a foil tunnel is not the easiest task, it generates significant savings. The customer does not get charged for the project designing carried out by the company. Knowing that a strong business develops with flexibility, we provide customers with all the tunnel construction elements needed. Further success of cultivation also depends on the designer and his subsequent effort.

If you prefer to opt for a finished product, browse the store where standard size constructions are available. However, if the foil tunnel still does not meet your requirements, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will advise, price and design a turnkey project.

Condition 4 – Price for a foil tunnel

One of the most decisive parameter when designing a foil tunnel is, of course, the price. It’s primordial. At the final stage, you need to compare the costs of a self-made foil tunnel with a standard greenhouse already available on sale, and possibly contact the polytunnel manufacturer (such as Krosagro), who,  in case of any doubts, will correct and guide you to make the appropriate investment. In the end, what matters is a fully functional polytunnel, effective for cultivation and comfortable to carry out gardening duties .

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