A greenhouse available for everyone

Gardening is an amazing hobby that engages many senses. Working in the garden, in addition to producing fresh and healthy crops, brings many health benefits and also has medical value. Horticultural therapy is a treatment involving the patient in all duties related to cultivation in the garden. This method is characterized by a wide range of applications when working with people suffering from: autism, depression, dementia. It is also used during resocialization and addiction treatment. Gardening also positively affects people with disabilities. The greenhouse is a construction that can be adapted to elderly, children and people with disabilities.

Gardening practice

Working in the garden is an amazing way to spend time outside. Many people do not realize the health benefits of this hobby. The beneficial impact of horticulture on the health of patients has been recognized. This is why horticultural therapy is gaining popularity. Which benefits does this method of therapy bring? The advantage of gardening is its faculty to improve the well-being of each patient. Frequently, this type of therapy accelerates rehabilitation, strengthens the sense of usefulness for people with low self esteem. It also leads to more contact and integration with a group. Sessions in the garden also allow healthy people to calm down after a day or a week of work. It reduces stress and provides psychological comfort.

Location of the foil tunnel

We have already mentioned the optimal positioning of the foil tunnel in the article “Polytunnel from A to Z“. If the structure is adapted to the disabled or elderly, it will be very important to place it in such a way that people with limited mobility have easy access to it. The structure should be placed as close to the house as possible. Sometimes, however, one will have to compromise on the location of the tunnel. Then, choose a site with the good exposure to sunlight for a significant part of the day. People moving with a pram or using mobility aid will need a hard and stable ground leading to the greenhouse . Once inside, there is usually a high humidity rate. So it is a good idea to cover the path with a non-slip mat.

Garden boxes can be designed with easy access from all sides. All tables should be firmly embedded in the ground. They do not sway and are stable enough even loaded with a fair weight. As in the case of gardening crates, it is worth remembering to suit the tables to your needs.
Each tool should be as practical as possible, only the height of shelves will vary. However, when it comes to tools, there are quite a few items on the market facilitating their use despite some physical limitations.
If you decide to buy a polytunnel, check the width of the door before ordering. Usually, in a hobby foil tunnel, the door opens on the sides, while sliding doors are used for professional ones. As far as standard constructions are concerned, remember to install a threshold at the bottom of the door frame for smooth access inside.

Activity and healthy diet

Working in the garden leads to comprehensive body exercises. Their intensity can be adjusted to both children and elderly. Therefore, gardening contributes to keep you in shape, lose excess calories, and improve dexterity. Physical activity has a direct effect on cholesterol levels, blood pressure, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease and depression.

Garden plots provide plenty of  healthy fruits and vegetables. It is obvious that people and their relatives cultivating a garden will tend to eat a lot more fresh goods, live a healthier lifestyle, putting aside fast food and greasy dishes in favor of nutritious, vitamin-rich salads.

Relaxing in the garden

According to research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the activity undertaken in the garden lowers blood pressure, improves mood and strengthens self-esteem. Research has also shown that gardening is a hobby that effectively helps in the fight against stress. An experiment was carried out with two groups of people. They were asked to read or work in the garden for 30 minutes after a stressful day . Active people in the garden, as a result, had high levels of serotonin and dopamine, responsible for well-being. They also showed reduced levels of stress hormone – cortisol.

The research results also show that people spending time in the vicinity of plants have more empathy. People who care for nature are more inclined to care for others, create bonds, and respect surroundings. Gardening increases the sense of responsibility for children . The good news for the elderly is that it stimulates the brain, reducing the risk of dementia.

Gardening is actually a hobby for everyone, willingness and creativity are the only limits. Even a short while per day spent in the garden will make you healthier and happier.

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