7 reasons to buy a polytunnel

There are many incentives to buy a foil tunnel. In the following article, we will only mention seven reasons to own a garden tunnel. Having a polytunnel means reaching  a higher level in gardening and turning this hobby into a passion! Greenhouses are designed for the one who loves plants, wants to live a healthy life and save money over time. All you need to do is work under the cover every day and enjoy your very own tunnel. This structure will give you the opportunity to harvest plants and vegetables throughout the year.

All-year-round crops – vegetables and fruits in winter

Regardless of the climate, there are plants able to survive mild winters. Kalespinach and lettuce are hardy enough to be grown during a whole year with tunnel protection. The greenhouse also provides comprehensive protection of thermophilic plants before winter. Under cover, plants show early signs of activity in spring. As a result, they yield more abundantly. Harvesting time comes also much faster than with outdoor plant cultivation.

In the case of all-year-round crops, the simplest electric or oil stoves are able to heat the polytunnel so that favorable conditions for growth prevail inside.

Fresh vegetables throughout the year

Sooner or later comes the time of harvest, then cultivation sites go into a temporary state of “rest”. In open-air cultivation, it is a stage of stagnation and a case of waiting for the next season. In foil tunnels, this process can resume immediately after the previous one. Of course, you should organize well-thought-out crop rotation, plan the coordinated crop and enrich soil with nutrients. That way, 365 days a year and regardless of the season, gardening enthusiasts can fulfill their passion. Moreover, they can enjoy fresh and aromatic vegetables and fruits.

Exotic, oriental and thermophilic plants in the tunnel

Thanks to polytunnels, you can grow exotic plants that would not be suitable for field cultivation under normal conditions. Thanks to multi-vegetation tunnels, it is possible to control and adjust the indoor conditions in order to adapt to exotic fruits and vegetables’ requirements. Favorable conditions for growth can be created even for tropical plants.

Gardening all year round

For many people who like gardening, the first few months of the year are synonymous with passivity in anticipation of the new season. With polytunnels, such a break does not exist. Having a greenhouse allows you to be an active gardener throughout the year.

Save on vegetables, fruits, spices and plants

During the year, a lot of money is spent regularly and continuously on vegetables and fruits. Nonetheless, dried herbs with less aroma are bought and plants on offer are treated with preservatives. Hardly any store is able to guarantee that fruits have not been sprayed. Although their appearance is tempting, they may contain almost the entire range from the Mendeleev table. Even consuming eco, bio and organic is often one big scam. Thanks to smart marketing slogans, customers are offered a healthy life without guaranteeing anything in return.

Why delay sowing of crops for the upcoming season or consider them later? With a polytunnel, you can grow as many plants as you like. As a rule, enough will be produced for the preparation of preserves, gifts to the families, friends and close ones. Thanks to this, you can share the very best with the people you love , ie, health and strength for every day of the year,.

Business with plant production

Just analyze your market and check the demand, set up a business plan and start growing! People will always eat and look for healthy food. Have a look at eco, bio and organic food prices to assess the kind of income this business can bring. Sales can take place in grocery stores, agricultural markets, health food stores, and even in local markets, which are also a profitable venture.

Foil tunnel – health in your greenhouse

Being in the open air, enjoying the refreshing plants and colors of flowers , tasting juicy fruits, being in constant motion, you can benefit from every second spent in the garden. It is a way to relieve everyday stress, relax and improve your mood. The greenhouse improves not only plants’ condition, but also the gardener’s spirit and heart! Hobby gardening is a pleasure and a passion, and cultivation under cover provides uninterrupted joy through communion with nature.

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