Mobile tents in the event industry

Steel halls for all occasions

Mobile tents in the event industry are the best solution to protect participants from the weather. Regardless of the type of activity, their design will ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone. The space offered will allow for sophisticated weddings, corporate events, sporting events, concerts, discos, etc. To optimally use the potential of a tent, one should opt for the right product. On this Krosagro blog, we will review their difference and how to adapt them to any particular business.

Mobile tents with a steel structure in the event industry

As far as tent halls are concerned, most people associate them with wedding events. Located in an attractive space, they become the central point where guests, bride and groom celebrate the most important day of their lives. Although this constitute a very popular use of this structure, it is not the only one. They are also set up to organize:

  • Corporate events – a large area allows you to divide the structure into sections for registration, comfort zone, lecture room, etc.
  • Sporting events – such a facility could be suitable for much smaller events, offering endless potential functions. The hall itself can become a cover for a pitch, play area or rest area during matches.
  • School events – there are quite a few occasions to celebrate in educational institutions. Some of them could be organized on the school grounds for a full day. And in the event of inclement weather, a tarpaulin is spread over all the participants.
  • Festivals – regardless of their nature, a tent can be a solid support for this kind of initiatives. It can be divided into stages, gastronomy facilities, trade stands, etc. Connected by a path, they create a network for participants to wander and avail of offers and promotions.
  • City events – Krosagro‘s usual clients come from promotion and culture departments, which adopt steel constructions for all kinds of concerts, themed events, open-air meetings, etc. Locals and tourists can enjoy protection against rain, snow and wind at any time of the year

Modular structure of event halls

The structure’s frame is made of high quality steel, which guarantees durability of all parts. During production, elements are coated with an anti-corrosive layer that slows down any aging process resulting from exposure to moisture. A zinc coating is applied by galvanization or hot dip galvanization. The entire facility is designed with a modular extension system, enabling owners to modify it at any time. If adding in width or length is required, just place an order with the manufacturer. Parts for standard models are always available in the warehouse. Drawings for constructions made to order are kept for future projects.

Mobile event tent

Assembly of an entire structure is achieved by joining pipes and profiles into segments. These are then combined with others. This create a structure that can be adapted at will. The whole process is very simple: just follow the attached instructions for an easy task. This can be performed by a local company that has a platform to assemble, without having to hire staff from the manufacturer. One can save a lot of money that way.

For companies involved in event planning, the mobility of facilities is an essential feature. After assembly and fulfillment of functions, they can be folded, stored or transferred to another site where they will be used. The price of tent halls enables young entrepreneurs to invest. Instead of a smaller, more expensive to maintain conventional building, they can make the most of a mobile and large construction.

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