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Cost of manufacturing halls

The Krosagro brand stands not only for gardening greenhouses but also for mobile galvanized steel structures. We fully understand the requirements and needs of the industry. So we create modern mobile buildings for optimal work conditions, storage or growing . The entire product manufacturing process is carried out within the company by qualified staff and modern machines. This enables us to control the quality of each item individually and as a whole. In order for the relevant industries to receive solid, durable and fully functional goods.

Workshops, warehouses, logistic centers, breeding halls, tool rooms, event facilities are just some of the possibilities offered by Krosagro’s tents.


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Modern industrial constructions

20 years spent on the market allowed the company to understand our customers’needs. Our production facilities, warehouses and our own distribution systems make it possible to design. Manufacture and fully explore the benefits of modern mobile construction in a rational way. Whether it is a machine park, a storage room, a tent or any other facility, each building will be fully functional and very practical for your daily work.

Applications of industrial halls

Companies need space not only for materials but also for human resources. It is only when space is consciously managed that production can be effective. Each manufacturing stage, from beginning to completion, requires space to store and distribute materials. Krosagro galvanized steel mobile constructions are designed to maximise every inch of the goods. Proven solutions used in our tents, halls and tunnels provide systematic and smooth operation.

Cost of manufacturing halls

From design, to production and then construction , Krosagro customers are guaranteed a fixed price. From the first meeting with the customer and having their expectations registered. The competent customer service department clearly and transparently handles the order and clients have an insight into the whole process . This ensures that the ordered hall will meet the requirements and be perfectly adapted to the company. Another obvious advantage to emphasize : each element of the structure is manufactured in similar production facilities owned by the company.

The construction process of temporary or mobile steel structures is vastly simplified. As we strive to ensure that orders run smoothly after it has been accepted by the Customer. Krosagro has introduced a 5-step process that has been proven and appreciated by customers.

Production line

Krosagro manufactures components for a permanent assortment of steel structures. Lightweight mobile frames to be used in horticulture, storage of cars, motorcycles, machinery, tools, etc. These temporary buildings are also designed for private farming at home , to protect cars against fading… These structures are characterized by their small dimensions, mobility and simple construction. In addition to small facilities that are in constant supply to both wholesalers and retail customers. Fully professional halls are being manufactured for industrial use. Whatever the requirements of the customer. Goods are the result of our own production, so we guarantee that each element. From the smallest tubes to the main rack – is of high quality.

Customer requirements, needs and guidelines.

After recording the customer’s requirements concerning the new hall, Krosagro’s advisors tailor the solutions. The first matter is to define the needs and find the optimal solution for the proposed building. The more accurate the diagnosis, the faster and smoother the project .


The customer service department communicating information to qualified and experienced designers. Constructors represents an important stage in the process leading to the construction of an industrial hall . These designers are in charge of developing and then designing a prototype  – an essential element of the project. The prepared drawing could be used as the document required to obtain a building permit.

Assembly of the steel structure

The client has two options in this case. The first is the supply by Krosagro of all construction materials, along with instructions and assembly support, while the other one is the additional use of employees to set up the structure. First solution significantly reduces the cost of such a hall, with an experienced coordinator explaining and describing the process at each stage of the construction. Constant emails and telephone contacts with clear procedures have been used  many times and these are proven and appreciated solutions. Over the years, thanks to the observations of employees and customers, procedures for Krosagro mobile steel structures have been developed and improved.

Hall ready to use

After completion of the industrial hall for the customer, we are proud of the work done. The structure is then fully set for work to start inside. At the very end, the good is subjected to a careful study, in the form of an inspection of the newly finished hall. The customer receives technical documentation of the entire project by electronic means.

Regardless of the branch of industry, Krosagro industrial halls will meet every entrepreneur’s needs. The hall’s structural features provide a versatile application and use as temporary or year-round facility. Stable and solid construction, proven solutions and a long life guarantee, justify why Krosagro brand’s products are gaining in popularity while customers find new possibilities for them.

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