Maintenance of storage tents

Maintenance of storage tents

Implementing maintenance of storage tents from time to time is a worthy task. Like any building, modular constructions require periodic maintenance to remain operational. Systematic service will avoid defects and extend service life of structures. This preventive and necessary action is the responsibility of owners.

Tent – construction maintenance

Construction law clearly states any tent hall should ensure the safety of individuals inside the structure, as well as safe operations. Depending on the industry, these warehouses or production facilities must meet the relevant health and safety requirements. Depending on the profile of the company, other provisions will apply for logistics, transport, storage of loose materials or agricultural produce. The law indicates that structures should be in a good technical and aesthetic condition, without possible loss of strength and properties. Once a year, owners of storage tents are required to inspect their facility. An additional operating license is required every five years.

Tent hall maintenance

The cover attached to the frame is usually a pvc tarpaulin. It is intended for year-round use. At production stage, it is treated in order to offer fire protection, to facilitate cleaning and slow down fading. To maintain solidity of a cover, it should be kept clean. Dirt can cause damage to a PVC membrane. Cleaning can be outsourced or done by yourself. There is a huge number of tarpaulin detergents on the market. A pressure washer will also help, significantly speeding up the whole process.

Modular steel construction

The tent frame is made of steel pipes and profiles, connected with each other by clamps and secured to the ground with anchors to form a compact structure. Steel is treated with an anti-corrosion layer at production stage. This slows down corrosion, reducing the effects of atmospheric factors on structures. Zinc coating applied by hot dip galvanization, adheres strongly to all parts and elements. Additional reinforcing trusses can be fitted, ensuring that even with strong gusts of wind will not damage the steel tent.

Structure of the tents

This modular design can be modified at any time. Over time, if additional storage or production space is needed, all it takes is to order more segments. Connect them to the existing ones and start work. Standard sizes are available in the warehouse, whereas non standard are made to order. During maintenance, it is worth tightening all small parts. These can get loose after several seasons, with wind that causes structure to rattle.

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