Industrial tents for businesses

Industrial tents for businesses

Industrial tents for businesses, made from pipes and profiles, are well adapted to various types of production. Tent halls are not only used as spacious garages and warehouses. They also represent an inexpensive covered site that can be optimally suited to any business’ requirements. As a manufacturer of modular structures, we offer turnkey projects. Along with a wide range of standard products, custom tents constitute a significant part of these processing units.

Industrial tents for businesses

Krosagro is a brand of Stal Impex, which has been supplying pipes and profiles to domestic and foreign markets for over 20 years. These are used to create modular steel structures, delivered in every corner of the globe. Being both producers and users of such facilities, we understand investors’ needs. Goods are carefully and meticulously manufactured. To keep structures fully functional for years, steel elements are treated with an anti-corrosion layer. Depending on the order, zinc coating is applied by galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing. This protects all parts from moisture.

Price of industrial halls

Small and large tent halls are a much cheaper solution than traditional buildings. Additionally, they are not subject to a mass of restrictions that conventional structures must follow. Their installation does not require any building permission as in the case of construction works. No expensive assembly team is required. Technical drawings of the hall are easy to understand. With simple instructions, any tent will be ready and operational in a few days. Our aim is to match technological needs with costs, from order, production to dispatch. We do not supply cheap, unreliable products that put machines, stocks and people at risk. Quality demands a certain level of investment, and guarantees safety.

Tarpaulin covers for modular constructions

Covers are fixed onto the frame made of steel pipes and profiles. Straps are welded into the tarpaulin and clamped on the elements. This system creates a strong and resistant structure, even in harsh weather conditions. The cover is suitable for year-round use. It is able to withstand snow loads, heavy rainfall and intense gusts of wind. It is also easy to clean, flame retardant and treated to slow down fading.

Universal tent hall

As far as investors are concerned, it is essential to consider several important otptions, even before ordering.

width, length and height – these are the most important criteria. One should take into account dimensions of the equipment used inside the structure. Remember that structures are easy to modify. Additional segments can be added at any time, thus increasing their size.

ventilation and heating system – if production is to take place all year-round, it becomes necessary to maintain a positive temperature and introduce air flow. Installing the appropriate devices is then required

equipment and additional accessories – width, height of the door, method of opening, number of entrances, automatically or manually operated. Taking care of these options will facilitate production and maintenance.

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