How to maintain a motorcycle in summer?

Parking and taking care of a motorbike

How to maintain a motorcycle in summer? As sunny conditions announce the arrival of summer, the atmosphere warms up significantly. The winter seems far away and the bikers can be reunited with their two-wheeler. With longer routes and a machine showing signs of wear , it becomes necessary to take care of the vehicle. Thus, it will remain reliable when the unexpected is about to happen. In this article, we will discuss how to take care of a bike during the summer

Motorcycle in summer? Wash and clean

The concept of the slogan “washing is time not well spent.” is not valid in this case. The vehicle will work much better, will look like brand new and well maintained. It would seem that a bit of water should be enough to solve the problem. However, this requires a little more attention and effort. Spraying too much water on a motorcycle or flooding some components can cause more damage than benefits. Therefore, be especially careful when handling pressurized fluid near carburetors, spark plugs, meters, chains, etc.

Where to clean a bike?

It is inappropriate to wash it on a public road. It is against the law and may result in a fine. Having a back garden will facilitate the task. Others can go to a self-service car wash or hire a professional. However, for those who wish to take care of their bike themselves, choose a rather shady site. Indeed, some chemicals react differently to sunlight and high temperatures. Applied to a warm surface, they can lead to minimal aesthetic discoloration. It is advised to proceed early in the morning or in the evening.

What to wash on a motorcycle?

It is recommended to prepare a soft sponge, brushes, gloves and washing products specially designed for cars and motorcycles. Do not use a kitchen sponge, even on tough stains. The varnish can easily get scratched. Also avoid homemade products that leave traces. Once on site, place the machine on the center stand and wet it. After drying, apply a cleaning agent, covering each surface, without omitting the hard to reach places. If the stain remains after the first application, repeat the operation. Use the brush until the desired result is achieved.

Maintenance of a motorcycle after washing

For a sparkling vehicle, apply a finishing wax, for a look reminding of a vehicle coming out of a production line. There are also wax-based cleaners on the market, which greatly facilitate the process. After a thorough wash, lubricate the chain. Grease will get scattered during use, reaching the catalyst or else. It is wise to have some damp cloths to wipe it following the first ride after the wash.

Garage and storage

In addition to cleaning and cyclical maintenance, it is essential to protect the machine from precipitation, climate change, high and low temperatures. Prolonged exposure causes deterioration. Discoloration, rust and other defects may appear, generating high expenses later. Leather parts damaged by heat will also become uncomfortable. In addition to this nuisance, elements exposed to the sun deteriorate much faster: varnish, discoloration of plastic elements and scarred fabric. To avoid this, keep your vehicle in a garage tent.

Garage tent for motorcycle

Steel structures are covered with a layer of zinc protecting from corrosion. In addition, with a PVC tarpaulin fixed onto the frame, secured by straps, they can resist the pressure caused by rain, snow and wind. A spacious interior, in addition to storing a motorcycle, enables the inclusion of other equipment, tools and machinery under cover. If a lack of space is being felt, every owner can plan an extension with additional segments. This is possible thanks to the modular system designed for any Krosagro construction. After purchasing the necessary elements, simply combine them with those already in your possession.

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