Foundations for garage tents

Foundations for garage tents

Foundations for garage tents are worth considering before the product is ordered. This modular steel construction is an inexpensive and robust solution for vehicle parking and storage. Well secured such a structure will withstand even the toughest weather conditions. That is why anchoring is essential. Without good ground fixing, the cover can get damaged and the frame bent.

Foundations for a garage tent in the garden

Strength of the tent construction depends on what it is made of. Although steel products sound durable, raw material and other characteristics should be considered. Quality and method of protection against corrosion will guarantee a long service life. Appropriate certificates, diameter of pipes and profiles are parameters to take into account. Specifications should also mention the anti-corrosion treatment. All of these will contribute to a skeleton less susceptible to moisture damage.

Modular tent

After getting acquainted with the technical data, it’s time to look at how the elements are combined. With Krosagro products, parts are secured with bolts, clamps and connectors. Brackets, side and top reinforcements represent additional stabilizers. Their quantity and size will vary depending on the model. They are designed for easy and quick assembly. Moreover, if owners begins to sense a lack of space, they can enlarge the tent whenever required. Simply order the parts needed and combine them to the existing facility.

Anchoring structures made of pipes and profiles

A hard ground inside the garage tent tends to retain less moisture. Constructions can be set up on:

  • gravel – cheap, easy to level, enables anchoring of structures for quick dismantling and installation on another site.


  • paving stones – for aesthetic and functional driveways inside of the tent. Clamps or steel anchors are fixed to the paving stones.


  • wood – a stylish way for foundations, insulates well. Treated material is durable and easy to disassemble.


  • concrete – this type of solution is recommended in windy areas where strong anchoring is required. Although the structure ceases to be mobile, it remains operational even in difficult weather conditions.

Steel floor support

Floor supports are an element of the frame. They replace concrete and ground anchors and hold the whole structure, improving stability. This kind of solution is used for commercial and event tents. Resting on the floor, they cannot be nailed or buried. However, in order for them to play their role, they are secured with weights filled with sand or water.

Installing garage tents on the ground

This is possible of course, but buried components will corrode faster. Over time, they should be preserved so that the zinc layer retains its properties. If the tent is to remain in one place for long, it is worth considering gravel, wood or paving stones, etc. Building straight onto the soil leads to a dirty and wet construction over time. Condensation will also appear as a result and affect tools, machines and steel frame.

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