All-year mobile tent

All-year mobile tent

Garage tents, thanks to their versatility, find their application in many industries and perform well while offering various functions. Although most people associate these constructions with car parking, they can also be used as year-round stockroom. Exposing machines and goods outside means that these are likely to deteriorate, and damage could even be irreversible. Repair or replacement will then be necessary for further operation of the equipment. Damage to tools and vehicles is easy to avoid, just keep them inside a tent under cover.

Four seasons in a mobile tent

During the year, the structure can change its purpose many times. During spring, it can operate as a storage facility for tools and garden furniture. In summer, when most items are being constantly used, the tent might look empty. With temperatures rising, the car starts to overheat and this is not pleasant for a driver. The vehicle can be parked under cover in the free available space . Inside, it is protected from excessive sun, which is very harmful to the car body and upholstery.

Rainy autumn can be the worst for tools and machinery. High humidity and heavy rainfall can severely damage accessories and engines. After proper maintenance, they will require a site for safe storage. A portable tent can be fixed to any surface, however, in the case of permanent use, it is worth preparing a screed under the structure. It should be remembered that a damp soil, in contact with the metal parts, is a corrosive factor. This can be prevented by hardening the surface with cobbles, concrete slabs, etc.

Winter sees the end of garden duties and the equipment will remain idle until the following spring, when it will be needed again. Maintenance of machines and tools that have been used repeatedly during the season is always a good measure before storage. In order to preserve their functionality, it is recommended to clean them, refurbish them, replace damaged elements, to make sure they continue to operate and do not let you down.

Modular and mobile tent

The tent is a structure made of steel pipes and profiles that connect to form ready-made modules. Depending on the model, these constructions offer enough space for safe storing of goods. When buying a garage tent, the customer receives a compact garage that can be modified. If the space is too limited, additional segments can be purchased to extend it. Then, you do not have to spend more on a second larger structure. Modular construction can be systematically adapted to your needs over time .

Warehouse and garage

For comparison, a permanent structure requires a huge investment for an expansion, and sometimes this even proves impossible. Krosagro products are designed in such a way that users can decide on the size of the tent at any time. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the structure enables transportation to any location where it is required. That’s why garage tents are ideal as a warehouse and garage around the house, on a plot or for field work.

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