Pruning plants in a polytunnel

Pruning plants in a polytunnel

Pruning plants can be a problem for many gardening beginners. Some people deal with this too carefully, fearing crop damage and therefore avoiding it. This is a big mistake. Of course, pruning requires some diligence and attention, but it is not as difficult as it seems.

In this chapter of the Krosagro guide on crops under cover, we will advise on how and when to prune plants in a greenhouse. So you can get to work without any worries after this.

Why are plants pruned?

There are many advantages to this. After this treatment, plants grow much better in the polytunnel, while fruit trees develop more fruit. In addition, it helps to fight diseases and improves their overall appearance. These are not the only benefits of pruning, but the most important ones will be described below.

More fruits

Proper trimming of fruit trees and shrubs improves plant ventilation and allows the sun’s rays to shine through the foliage. This provides the plant with more space and energy, meaning development of more buds, flowers and, ultimately, fruits.

The optimal shape

Improving the shape and removing weaker branches enables easier work under cover. The space and access to each branch are very important. Thanks to this, the plant not only develops better, but you can also constantly monitor its health. A fulfilled cultivation potential will result in intense and rich harvests. Despite the fact that the polytunnel is a typically functional construction, the plants inside can look attractive. Only when they reach their maturity , they can be moved to the garden.

Healthy plants

Any weakened or diseased branches, stems or leaves should be removed immediately. In an enclosed space, such as a foil greenhouse, they can cause the development of pathogens. For the crops to be full of vitality and constantly developing, regularly remove anything that has the characteristics of mold, fungi or insects . Although it is unpleasant and heartbreaking, no gardener will want to see the rest of the plants fade away.

Optimized crop space

In an attempt to get large crops while we have a limited amount of space, pruning plants will be needed in addition to reasonable space management . We have already written about “how to grow more in a limited space under cover” in the chapter “Small polytunnel – what to grow in it?”. The main thing is to grow the plants so that they avail of optimal space, while being able to plant smaller species in their neighbourhood, without fearing that they do not thrive or hamper each other.

Rejuvenation of plants

It happens in every garden tunnel, there is at least one old and neglected plant. Although it would be easy to remove it, it is a shame to get rid of a well-established plant. Ultimately, with a number of different treatments, including trimming, you will be able to restore it to its former glory.

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