Growing thermophilic plants

Nightshade vegetables in a polytunnel

Nightshade vegetables in a polytunnel are one of the most common sights in gardens. These are thermophilic plants requiring proper protection against the cold, constant heat inside the foil, and the right microclimate. With a bit of space in the garden, on the balcony or on a plot, you can develop a small plantation of such plants thanks to cultivation under cover.

Nightshade vegetables in a polytunnel

Interestingly, the group of plants mentioned in the article contains many dangerous varieties. Some of them are poisonous, including black nightshade, black henbane, deadly nightshade etc. Beside them, there is a large group of edible plants that can be found on shop shelves. Even though eco-friendly products are much more expensive, you don’t have to give up healthy food: you can grow them yourself.

Growing tomato under cover

The desire to grow tomatoes is a common reason to invest in a hobby polytunnel. These are often associated with this red fruit. This ever present crop comes in many varieties differing in color, shape, taste and aroma. They contain many valuable minerals and nutrients, they are irreplaceable as a component of many diets. Unfortunately, in colder regions, they remain a seasonal product. Although they are available in stores, they are usually imported from countries with a warmer climate. Undeniably, the ones grown in your own garden are way tastier. The cultivation process itself is not the easiest one. Some time ago, a guide about their cultivation was published on the Krosagro blog , to which you can refer: Growing tomatoes in a polytunnel

Growing peppers in a greenhouse

Pepper is another example of a plant that rules in a garden tunnel. Like tomatoes, they needs a lot of sun for optimal growth, a lot of heat and protection from bad weather. Therefore, they are grown under cover. During the whole process, make sure to ventilate the plants. It is possible by opening the doors located on both sides of the greenhouse or using the solution featured on polytunnels with side ventilation. For proper development, apart from the sun, a fertile soil, which should be systematically watered, as well as maintaining a certain humidity rate will be necessary.

Eggplant in a polytunnel

Growing peppers and tomatoes is associated with many difficulties, but eggplant is even a bigger challenge. It has higher requirements than the plants mentioned above. It needs more warmth, and trying to cultivate it outside with central Europe’s climate usually ends up in a fiasco. To increase the chance of a good yield, the plant is cultivated first inside. Then seedlings are transferred to a mini foil tunnel, placed inside a full-sized greenhouse. This method increases the chance of success. To learn a little more about the requirements of the plant, follow the guide:
Growing aubergines in polytunnels

Hobby gardening in a greenhouse

Nightshade vegetables in a polytunnel will be able to mature if proper conditions for development are guaranteed. Without them, the harvest may not result in fruits, and will certainly not reach the size possible when growing in a garden tunnel. Greenhouses made of hot-dip galvanized steel are structures for the long term. The modular structure enables their modification. For the buyer, this means that at any time, he can expand the cultivation site with additional segments.

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