How to speed up harvest when cultivating under cover?

How to speed up harvest when cultivating under cover?

How to speed up harvest under cover? Sudden weather changes, frost, snowfalls and cool winds make it impossible to grow plants outdoors in such conditions. Without a polytunnel, one has to wait until the cold of winter is gone. However, when using greenhouses, 2 to 4 weeks of growth can be gained. This leads to significant results, offering full and abundant crops.

How to speed up harvest when cultivating under cover?

Any cultivating site will affect growth processes. Crops should be located in a sunny place, sheltered from the wind, in a warm and frost free spot. Unfortunately, in reality, we rarely encounter such a perfect situation. In cold areas, in addition to greenhouses, a mini foil tunnel can be used. This reduces the chance of damage from frost. Plants are then protected from winds by a structure that can cope with difficult weather conditions when properly stabilized. Soil in a greenhouse can be replaced with an adapted substrate. And by using garden boxes, you are able to care for plants that would not normally grow side by side. All in all, a polytunnel solves most problems experienced when cultivating outdoor.

Soil mulching in a greenhouse

Air temperature will vary much faster than soil. Substrate, however, will take longer to heat up. To control this process, simply cover the soil with agrotextile. It is generally applied to a dug, fertilized ground, pinning it into the ground. To allow plant growth, the material is cross-cut and spread out. Seedling or seeds are then planted. During the day, as the temperature rises, the inside of the greenhouse is heated by the sun. As night falls or in case of a sudden change in weather, the amount of heat slowly decreases. The foil tunnel with its cover will slow down any temperature loss process.

Crops under cover

Examples of benefits of growing under cover feature repeatedly in articles on the Krosagro blog. However, in order not to repeat itself, we can refer to: “7 reasons to buy a polytunnel”. Since soil and greenhouse were properly taken care of, it is worth monitoring conditions in the greenhouse. Beware of two situations: overheating and moisture. Both phenomena have a negative impact on crop development. To avoid this situation, some tunnel are equipped with side ventilation. Openings are located on both lengths and are activated with cranks. Hot air is replaced by a cooler one and humidity is limited thanks to air circulation.

Spring vegetables from a greenhouse

Spring begins in March, when the sun begins to make his presence felt. As temperatures remain positive, the foil tunnel begins to store it. Some gardeners decide to prepare their own seedling in a cold frame. By planning in advance and opting for cold-resistant plants, anyone can grow new plants. Cultivation then is similar to growing at any other time. Nevertheless, try to preserve favorable conditions required by plants.

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